Smarty vs. XML/XSLT

The article gives a very short comparison of currently most used ways to separate data and its representation in PHP solutions. We compared Smarty and XML as two competitors and most often used methods to ease the process of code development and design implementation for PHP projects. Read More

Randomness In Perl

Perl can be random, too! This article explains how to to use the rand() function in Perl in many contexts, as well as its origins. Read More

Logging with PHP

Figuring out where your hits are coming from and which pages are being viewed is not too difficult if you use a good log analyzer like Analog or something similar, but if you want to pull up reports on the fly at any time, you need to take a different route. Read More

Using Built-In ASP Components

In this tutorial, we will be working with three of Microsoft’s built-in ASP components. The Ad Rotator, Content Linker and the Browser Capabilities Component. Read More