New HotScripts Category – Cross-Browser Tools

Web design is a mix of science, art, inspiration and ultimately of frustration – frustration because it can be a real pain to get your design render perfectly in different browsers running under different platforms and operating systems. It is important to ensure that your web page, especially when designing a new layout, looks great on major browsers.

We’ve compiled a list of cross-browser compatibility test tools and online services in a new category at: Tools & Utilities -> Cross Browser Testing.

Here are a few helpful tips on choosing the perfect cross-browser tool:

  • Determine which type of testing tool will be more appropriate for you. Some services offer screenshot captures, while others will allow you to remote login the test machines and interact with the different browsers in real-time. Remote login for instance will prove to be very useful for troubleshooting Flash animation or JavaScript.
  • Test for only major browsers you believe will be used by the majority of your audience. Remember, there are hundreds of browsers on the market, but only a few popular ones.  Some browsers use the same rendering engine. For example Firefox and Flock have the same layout engine called Gecko.
  • Pay special attention to mobile browsers. With more and more people browsing the Internet via mobile devices, it is worth checking your site in mobile browsers like Opera Mini, Mobile Safari or Android browser.