Develop Features Rich Web Applications with PHP

The web world has made great impact on the real world, people are doing business via websites, communicating with each other across the world and information sharing has become pretty quick. Website is the most important element of internet, people have established personal and professional websites for their own reasons, and the most prominent aspect is business website. These days’ people are running online business websites to target wider audiences, before internet it was quite difficult to spread out information, product or services but now people can easily access website via World Wide Web and shop their desired items.

Initially, websites offer basic functionalities based on images and text but later on as the technology gets better, people started developing complex websites on the basis of scripts and inclusion of web applications. Different types of web development platforms are available these days but one of the most popular and diverse platform is PHP. PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor language is a server side scripting language which is designed for web development. PHP offers variety of features such as performing calculations; grab user information, interaction with MySQL Database and more.


These days most professional organizations opt to develop their websites in PHP which is why they hire certified web developers to create and manage their website. Intelligent web developers always keep their knowledge and developing skills up to date by taking various certifications. Zend is offering PHP 5.3 certification for the developers who are interested in learning PHP platform. Zend is an industry recognized company and Zend Certified Engineers are greatly valued in IT industry. The PHP 5.3 certification offered by Zend provides knowledge and skills regarding various aspects of PHP. Some of the most encouraging features of PHP are discussed in detail below:

Understanding PHP Basics: Being a web developer you need to understand the basic syntax of PHP which includes understanding about control structures, operators, language constructs and functions. Furthermore, you’ll learn constants, Namespaces, config and extensions.

Arrays and Functions: Arrays and Functions are the most important aspects of PHP, you need to understand various function syntax, arguments, return functions, variables and more. Along with that you’ll learn Associative Arrays, Enumerated Arrays and Iteration arrays, array functions and multi-dimensional arrays.

Object Oriented Programming: PHP offer support for object oriented programming (OOP) while learning PHP; you’ll able to understand various element of OOP such as instantiation, modifiers/inheritance, exceptions, static methods, Late Static Binding, Autoload and more.

Beside these key elements PHP developer should understand the various other aspects prominently including security, Data Format and Types, Strings and Patterns, Databases and SQL, Web Features and more. Once you understand all the elements of PHP, you’ll be able to develop PHP websites and web applications.

An important factor to keep in mind while establishing PHP website is web hosting, it is the most important element of a website. The performance of a website pretty much relies on the stability and support of web hosting. There are numerous hosting companies that claim to provide support for PHP but only few companies ensure total support for PHP, that’s why I always rely on siteground reviews as they provide authentic reviews of various hosting companies and highlight their positive and negative aspects. While looking for a web host, make sure you choose the perfect one that can fulfill your hosting requirements.

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