Testing for Internet Explorer Just Got Easier

Earlier this month, Microsoft released modern.IE – a new resource website with tools to help test websites and applications on different versions of Internet Explorer.

Testing for Internet Explorer has always been a challenge. IE is known to have limited support of modern web standards and there are currently several versions of IE still being widely used. Plus IE only works on Windows platform and one version can be installed and run at a time.


Picture 1


Modern.IE aims at making testing easier through a set of tools and resources. Its compatibility test is a good starting point whereby which you can supply your website URL and the scanner will detect common coding practices that may cause compatibility problems.

On the top of that, Modern.IE also provides hosted and locally managed virtualization tools that allow you to access a large number of browsers and operating systems for you to test your site against. The hosted version is brought by BrowserStack.com and is currently offered as a free three-months access.

Finally, there’s also a section with a list of top 20 coding patterns and practices for building modern sites while supporting old versions of IE.