Mozilla Bespin – Code in the Cloud

It’s been a year since Mozilla’s Bespin project has been launched and the project is still going strong with updates being released almost each month. Bespin is Mozilla’s attempt to build a browser-based code editor using the emerging HTML5 standard.  This programming environment provides developers with cloud computing benefits as well as features for real-time code collaboration. The editor is also accessible from anywhere – given that it is hosted on the cloud, you can code anywhere and from any device that uses modern standards-compliant browser.

The current version supports some of the basics editing feature like syntax highlighting, handling of large file sizes, undo/redo, live preview of files and project importing and exporting. It also supports plug-ins and several existing IDE vendors have released bridge plug-ins to move their IDE to the cloud via Bespin.

The advancement of this project looks great, but at this point is still infancy. It will take more time for Bespin to reach a level whereby developers will dump desktop-based IDEs.

One Comment

  1. I haven't used Mozilla Bespin mozilla Bespin yet but I would surely try it. Having a web development toll in your browser is really great. I don't have to use some desktop based applications just great and really mozilla plugins work on this. Wow just impressive.