How to rank better on HotScripts

In order to provide relevant results to our visitors, HotScripts employs a propriety algorithm for ranking listings in its directory. Each listing on HotScripts has an assigned point that determines its ranking in both category and search result pages. Points can be earned through any of the following methods.

Number of Visits – A visit is an outgoing click of your listing. The more visitors click on the ‘Visit Publisher Site’ button of your listing, the more points you earn. In order to receive more visits to your site, you can promote your Hot Scripts listing on other sites like social media sites.

Ratings & Reviews – A listing can be rated by both visitors and members. A member vote is accompanied by a textual review and will obviously have more weight than an anonymous rating. You can consider using our rating widgets to encourage your visitors to rate and review your listing.

Traffic Referrals – Each time you link back to any of our pages, we credit your account with some points. These points are then equally distributed among all your listings. To link back to our site, you can use one of our banners or text links available in your My Listings -> Badges section.

Keywords – The search feature on our site is the primary method our users find their way to your listings’ pages. It is thus important that you craft your description using keywords relevant to your listing. This will ensure that your listing can be crawled by our internal search engines

Download Link – If your listing is a downloadable free product, we strongly recommend you provide a download link. Download links can be added when submitting or editing a listing. Whenever someone clicks on the ‘Download’ button from our site, we credit your listing with some points.

Update your listing frequently – A listing that is not updated often will likely be listed at the bottom of its category. We advice that you update your listing once each 60 days. An update can be simply revising the description or version number to ensure that it is up-to-date.

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  1. wow - straight from the horses mouth ;) This is awesome, at least it gives some insight into how we can try to promote listings on Hotscripts.