SeeMeLikeMe – A free user voting script a la YouTube

SeeMeLikeMe is a free PHP and JavaScript user voting system inspired by YouTube’s “I like/dislike this” buttons. Once installed and configured, it can be applied to any page on your site to offer two buttons for users to cast their like or dislike votes. The script uses AJAX to provide an on-the-fly vote count update.

Along with the voting buttons, SeeMeLikeMe also comes with “insight” data collection and analytics. The insight data displays referring URLs and will plot a graph that shows traffic over time. It also includes a geographic map that allows you to pinpoint where most traffic originates.

The script is smart enough to limit voting to one vote per visitor based on their IP address. All voting and referral information is stored in a mySQL database. The only limitation is that at this point, there’s no interface to manage voting, but it’s unlikely you’ll need this.

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