Sitonomy – Anatomy of Web sites revealed

I am someone very curious by nature and being an uber-nerd I can’t resist viewing the HTML/CSS/JS codes of sites that I visit. This has helped me and many others learn, analyze and reproduce techniques used by other Web sites. But, it has always been a pain to ‘view source’ each time and go through lines of codes trying to figure out the underlying technologies of a site. I now have a new tool (Sitonomy) in my arsenal that helps me gather all information about a site in a single click.

Sitonomy, dubbed itself as an ‘anotomy of Websites’, is a free service that allows developers and designers find out which technologies a particular site is using. It helps you find interesting tidbits such as which CMS a site is using, what technology framework the site runs on or even what analytics and tracking software it uses.  Beyond the raw data, Sitonomy also gives you usage statistics and alternatives tools and services. The service also added JavaScripts bookmarket that lets you quickly check the website components for any site you are browsing.