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10 Great HTML5 Experiments and Apps

Very often HTML5 is coined as a successor to its previous version or even to Flash – but HTML5 is more than that. It can not only playback video and audio, but has native support for geolocation, offline storage, drag and drop, etc… Read More

Cooties – IDE for Creating HTML5 Animations

Cooties is an IDE that allows you to create HTML5 animations using an authoring tool – much like the very first version of Flash. Once the animation has been created, it can be exported to HTML5 and JavaScript to run in any HTML5 supported browser including iPad and iPhone. Read More

Experimenting with HTML5

It’s the right time to start experimenting with HTML5 and learn how to prepare your site for the future Web. In this article, we take a look at some of the new features of HTML5. Read More