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  • PHPXref

    Perl script for cross referencing and generating inline documentation for PHP scripts.

    Rated 4.47 out of 5 (160 total ratings)

  • AdminPro

    CGI Debugging and remote file management tool.

  • Perl Web Utilities

    Set of Perl scripts and modules to make writing interactive webpages and other Perl scripts easier.

  • E-Vars

    View your server's environment and perl related info.

  • Apache::ASP

    Active Server Pages for Apache with mod_perl.

  • SVNmaster

    SVN repository management tool

  • Perl Module Manager

    To Install perl modules and depend modules,Uninstall perl module,List all perl modules in system,Search for a perl module in system,List all files of a perl module and Details of a perl module.

  • Perl Module Installer

    Install Perl Module - Automated Script

  • PerlEncryptor

    PerlEncryptor (c) provides advanced solutions for source code encryption for Perl

  • List DBI Drivers and Data Sources

    This is just a simple script to display all the available DBI drivers.