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Ads loader (aka ads rotator) is a flash file that allows you to display ads (static jpg or animated swf files) in a slide show, with numbers, play-pause button. Users can change ads they see by clicking the numbers or they can also pause the optional slide show of the ads. The system can also be used to display simple photos. Ads can open a link when the ad is clicked.

- time to display each ad, this can be set globally or each ad can have a different time.
- autoplay can be disabled or enabled by default.
- fade effect between ads.
- time to display the fading effect between ads.
- play/Pause button can be enabled or disabled.
- alpha value for the buttons (transparency).
- alpha buttons for the buttons when mouse is over them.
- space between buttons.
- margin around the buttons group.
- the display time bar above the buttons can be disabled/enabled.
- alpha value (transparency) of the ad display time bar.
- color of the ad display time.
- an url to open can be specified, url opens when user clicks the image.
- target frame of url to open.
- new: you can now chose that first loaded ad to be a random ad.

- Users need flash player 7 to see the ads, it is installed on over 98% of online computers.
- Text editor is needed to add/remove images and set the options.
- The images that show your products or items you are trying to promote.
- If you also want to edit the source file then you need Flash MX 2004 or later, but editing the source file is not required unless you want to do some advanced modifications.

If you have any pre-sales or support related questions for this application, please visit our helpdesk.

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  • The site does not include any file, there are a lot of links. Perhaps they want to lead us click ads to earn money.

  • The reason you see other content is because some countries like Iran, Iraq, China, Poland are redirected to another domain. I took this decision as a protection against wares and it works fine so far.

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