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aspWebLinks was designed to be an easy to install, and use .asp application to host a listing of links on your website. It features unlimited category and sub-category support, a powerful administration mode, a configuration file that allows you to easily adapt the script to your website, and many more. Version 2.0 adds reviews, error reporting, IP tracking, and more. There is also no configuration required, just upload it and your ready to go. All configuration is done through the browser.

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Feb 11, 2009 
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  • aspWebLinks is one of the most easily modified and professional looking link indexing scripts I have ever seen. Two thumbs up to the developers. Read the reviews bellow to learn of some of its weaknesses.

  • I recently purchased and installed aspWebLinks. Did I say install? There really is not any installation. You upload it and it works. There is a configure section in the admin area when you log in to make your setting, create your CATS and sub-Cats, but that is really it. I use DreamWeaver MX. The first time that I pasted the code in to my page template all worked great except the error reporting and the reviews. Tried again and it was fine. An earlier review rightly lamented the lack of IP tracking, but that was added in 2.0 and is working fine for me. Also added was error reporting and user reviews. Where I think that they could make a great program even better would be email notification to the admin when an error report or review or even new (un-approved) submission is received. I'm not a programer but that would seem very possible to do. May the next version??

  • I'll agree to the writeup before mine... the rating system and asking for an e-mail address that is not (and cannot be made) required is a waste of time... although having developed some software myself... this may give them room for an upgrade later. I'm not an ASP programmer, although I can change stuff around, I found the script to be easy to add to my site. I use FrontPage 2002 for website development... I had to make a "frames" page in order to fit the script into my site... since I use shared bordes with FrontPage. My site is at: . The site claims it is easy to change color and fonts... I would not advise it... it was a major pain in the neck... unless you take your time and spend about 2 weeks on planning out the changes. I gave the program about 10 hours of "programming" time and said the heck with it... works for me... My only concern was the customer support. When I first saw the script I e-mailed the support e-mail. I had a response in about 10 minutes. Later that night... oh, about 11 or 12 I e-mailed them again, and had a response in about 10 minutes. I read some more and purchased the program about 3 days later. After purchase I e-mailed the support e-mail address... 5 hours later.. a response... I did not understand the answer they gave... it was not like the others... I e-mailed them back... about 2 hours later... a response... The last time I e-mailed them I still don't have a response... I'll admit that I did have some tough questions, but a company should say "I don't know" instead of not returning an e-mail. All in all I would recommend this script. The error function and being able to review or not review the links additions is really nice... in addition, it is very easy to add to your site... even if you use FrontPage.

  • As a programmer I purchased this program simply to save time. I know the countless hours that go into scripting applications. For the price it seemed like a good deal for the time and headaches it would save. The program works flawless as designed. It's also easily adapatable with minor work (assumming you understand VB & ASP) to match your site. Though I must say I'm dissapointed in the rating system. There's nothing in place to keep users from voting more than once on a link. If somebody is unhappy with their low rating they can continue to vote until it's the top rating. The program does request an e-mail address when voting, but it's not necessary to enter anything. Even if it was you could enter fake ones all day long. For a freebie program I could understand, not for $60. On the same token, there was nothing advertised saying votes were screened by ip or anything so I really can't complain too much. Just remember to read in between the lines.

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