File Watch


This script monitors your website files for any changes. This includes modifications of newly created scripts. It does not prevent hacking, but alerts you quickly if any scripts are changed on your site. Such changes may indicate that your site has been compromised, and needs to be secured.


  • - Monitor any file types you want (php, cfm, cgi, js, etc.)
  • - Check files as often as you want
  • - Get notified of any files that have changed or been created
  • - Be able to react quickly if your site is compromised


php scripting, cron / scheduled job creation, ftp access to your site.

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  • Well designed, excellent script which enables changes in any file, across a folder tree to be reported by email. Five min setup, and multiple instances may be configured to monitor different folders.

  • Easy script that monitors various file extensions (editable in the script) for changes. The script is triggered via a cron job which I had never done before but proved easy enough with my host. I have set it to run twice a day and check for any file changes in the last 12 hours. It doesn`t stop changes from being made but notifies you via email when it happens so is an easy way to be told when a client modifies a file so you know to back it up or to check all is ok on the server. This is the line I entered in my hosting crontab scheduled task: /usr/bin/php5 /home/sites/ obviously the paths to both the php library and your server files will be different but I hope this helps. One feature I would like to see would be the ability to exclude a directory or two as I have a php counter system installed on one website which changes everytime it receives a visitor and thus triggers a change notification.

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