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Opensourcechat is ajax and jquery based script that helps you to do real time chat with the visitors on your website. It enables you to chat with the visitors on your websites in real time, makes you to listen to their doubts and problems and provide them with the suitable answers. Opensourcechat brings your visitors more close to you and have the potential to CHANGE the VISITORS into BUYERS. If you are selling some products online then this script helps you to increase your product sale.

Visitor Country Detection

This script helps you to know the country of the visitor. By knowing this you can provide him with the best offer possible.

Visitor City Detection

Not only country but this script provides you with the information about the city of the visitor.

All Online Visitor's List

You can see the list of all the online visitors at once and by selecting any one you can start chatting with that visitor without disconnecting the chat with the previous one.

Visitor Browser Info

This feature helps you to know the information about the visitor browser, by this you would know the appearance of your website to that visitor as sometimes website appears different in different browsers.

Visitor Operating System Info

In this feature you will be able to know the type of operating system of the visitor.

Visitor Currently Page View Info

In this features you will know that currently which page visitor is viewing, this will help you in providing the relevant information to the visitor.

Amount of time spent on website

Open Source chat script helps you to know the time spent on the website , you would know if the visitor is still on the website, by knowing this you would keep assisting him.

Visitor IP Address

This features help you to know the visitors ip address.

All Visitors History

In this feature you can see the history of the visitor upto current date . You will be able to see all the chat conversation and all the history of the page requests of your website with time.

Visitors Page View History with Time

You can view the history of page views by visitor on your website. It shows the browsing behaviour of the visitor.

Recieve Offline Messages

If your are offline you could still receive offline messages sent by the visitors

Chat status offline and online

Visitors will be able to see the status of the chat . If the chat is offline they would still be able to send you the offline messages

Chat Unlimited Visitors

Chat with the unlimited visitors while staying connected to the previous ones.

Client Chat Box Blinking Notification

On arrival of new message from the admin client chat box blinks and gives a sound alert. Even on minimizing the chat box you get the chat notifications

Admin Chat Notifications

On arrival of client message admin get sound notification alert and a notification shows that how many messages are unread by admin from client.

New Visitor Notification

When a visitors comes online on the website admin gets sound notification.

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