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Pinnacle Cart is an extremely powerful eCommerce application boasting over 350 features. The easy-to-use solution also includes optional access to source code so you can customize the software to your business needs. Mobile and Facebook stores included. Accepts all major payment gateways including all PayPal methods, Google Payments and much more. Also works with FEDEX, UPS, USPS and Canada Post real-time shipping. Host on our servers or buy a license to host on your servers. Pinnacle Cart is the #1 Reseller Program in the industry - private labeling of our software is available. #1 ranked eCommerce platform 2012/2013 by ZippyCart

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May 19, 2015 
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$30.00 USD
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$797.00 lifetime license or starting at / $54.95 Per Mo

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Average Member Rating: 3.59/5

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  • Pinnacle cart has the makings of a great cart system. However the Customer Support is really about as bad as it gets.. The CS reps dont really read your questions and simply provide generic answers and most times they simply dont even do that. ( they are happy to respond in condescending ways. and to attempt to make you fell so bad you will not contact them again) . Lastly the Answer is always you can Pay us more and we can develop that for you.. But these are basic items like Shipping changes that makes sense .. most other carts offer.. Basically Pinnacle Cart has the makings of a Great Cart system but has failed because the Customer Support is the Worst in the businesses.. It sad but after 6 years and counting we to are looking to move off Pinnacle Cart to a service that can answer questions .

  • Our company purchased 2 Pinnacle Carts for two of our companies. Recently we shut down one of the sites and was moving the items to another domain we owned. I was SHOCKED to learn that the shopping cart was domain specific and needed to purchase a new cart and effectively throw away over $1,000.00. People add and change domain names regularly and they just tell there customers tough luck. We are wondering if there are other companies out there that have had the same issue with them. If you've had this issue, please contact us, since we think it's time someone stands up to this company for their crappy customer care (or lack of).

  • I hate Pinnacle Cart. It is overpriced and their files are encrypted by ioncube so you are forced to use their overpriced support. I just had to pay them $300 for a 5 minute fix to a problem they caused. The support people I have found to be really bad with the most common answer being "That is beyond the scope of our support" It is the most overpriced shopping cart I know and having used it for 5 years I really hate them. You will be better off to pay a little more to develop your own and avoid all monthly payments

  • I was using one of the "big name" companies in the industry to run my business selling surf products. The problems I ran into were the inability to make minor customizations to make my business more efficient. Though "BC" looked good, the bottom line is they want all their customers to work the same because you can't customize. Pinnacle Cart fixed that issue by doing the customization work for me. My experience was really good. I was forced to go through their new scope process and it made making my business decisions quite easy. It was completed in September and my business is really growing. More importantly, it cleaned up inefficient back office work for me saving more money and creating more satisfied customers. This is the company that I can grow my business with.

  • Custom development: I paid $38,000 for custom web development. Contract was signed in March 2013. Work was to be finished June 7th. By June 7th they weren't finished. A couple weeks later Mike Rose announced they were all finished. (In spite of the fact that there was zero communication with me regarding the development). Lo and behold, they'd only done a small fraction of all the work. Mike said that "he didn't know" the rest was supposed to be done. Whatever. They proceeded to do a sloppy job at the rest of the project. Mike Blum said they were pulling in extra resources to get the project finished asap. Well. It's now the end of August and the whole project is still not finished. Just a few half-baked pieces here are there. My company is suffering very much since we have no website / no sales. Communication: There seems to be no communication in the Pinnacle Cart company - not among staff, nor with clients. Everything about the project was laid out with Kyle in March in much detail. But when it came to do the work, Mike Rose seemed to be completely out of the loop. Furthermore, the supervisor Mike Blum outright admitted to me in a three-hour phone conversation that "he had no idea the amount of work that was involved; he thought that it was a simple matter of 'design and data import'." Well, good grief, for $38,000?! Design: Now let's talk about design. It also took way longer than initial promises. The design staff couldn't seem to get the elements necessary together. So many conversations with Valerie Jackson about how we would like things done. Emails with pictures to explain it. Online examples. It took them so many redos to finally get it more or less right. The Facebook and Twitter designs looked whipped together like something my 8-year-old nephew could have done - didn't match the main site at all. The design was supposed to take 4 weeks. It's now been 5 months and it's still not done. I haven't seen anything about the mobile site design yet. Accounting department. There is no way I can log in and see my history of charges. I contacted the accounting department and they email me to "log in and view history". But there is nothing there when I log in. I had to finally send them a screenshot of their own log in page to convince them and they finally realized that indeed there is no "view history". After that I just gave up and dug around in my Visa statements to figure it out myself. Pinnacle has been a 6-month headache so far. They've charged $38,000 and haven't delivered You have to hound them constantly: "Are you getting things done? Are you getting things done?" They constantly promise: We should have something for you by this evening. We should have something for you by tomorrow. I've had to make a new contract with a company called "" - I'm having a MUCH better experience with my new provider. Meanwhile, PinnacleCart still hasn't delivered, and we have begun legal proceedings with the bank to recover our losses. Greg Holland - Ministry Ideaz

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