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Bottom line

"If you're into the realty business and looking for a reliable, cost-effective web application, then choosing phpMyRealty is a no-brainer. " - Ahmad Permessur, Editor -

Pros and cons


  • Sports a clean and well-organized interface on the front-end.
  • Comes with an advanced listing search feature with several filters.
  • Supports different languages and currencies.
  • Ability to add photos (via slideshow), video tour as well as Google Maps location for each listing.
  • Supports multiple listing types with the ability to define custom types.
  • Combines great import and export features including IDX listing data.
  • Includes a CMS for content creation.


  • Limited e-commerce functionality for listing or account upgrade (supports only PayPal and 2Checkout)
  • The admin configuration section feels clumsy with too many options dumped in a single page.
  • Lacks detailed reporting features.

Detailed review

phpMyRealty is a PHP-based realty application aimed at realtors, agents, and for-sale-by-owners (FSBOs) looking to promote their properties online for sale or rent. It contains most of the essential features required to start a successful, highly customizable, and even revenue-generating site.

Installing phpMyRealty is pretty simple. Even though it doesn't come with an installer, don't let that dissuade you — all you have to do is transfer the files to your server and plug in settings such as database credentials and installation paths into its configuration file. The configuration file itself contains detailed instructions with examples aplenty, so there is really no way you can get it wrong.

Another plus is the data import script (available from the client's area), which makes it easy to populate the application with sample listings and users, allowing you to get a quick feel of both the user and admin area.

Once installation is completed, you can log in to the admin area. On the surface, the back-end looks pretty plain, but as you begin to work with it, you will become enthused about how easy it is to manage virtually all aspects of the site.

The configuration section is probably where you'll want to dive in first. With over 90 different configuration options available, you can tweak settings such as language, thumbnail size, ecommerce settings, search display, and the like. The only caveat with this section is that all options are dumped onto a single page, which can be confusing. As well, certain options require you to type “ON” or “OFF” for toggling, which is a little awkward.

What probably makes or breaks any realty application is the ability to give the administrator full control over the listing type while simplifying listing management. phpMyRealty excels at this, but its added value comes in two forms: custom fields and editable listing and meta types. For instance, you can easily create custom fields for your listing, although they are limited to text and drop-down fields only. The application also allows you to edit or create new meta information like listing type, property locations, and appliance inclusion. Combined, these two features provide a great way to enhance your listing input and offer extra information to end-users.

The admin area also boasts other great features, such as a statistic area, complete with bar charts aggregating valuable information about listings and users. A lightweight CMS is also bundled with the application, letting you create pages (e.g., articles, help pages, FAQ) for your site through a WYSIWYG editor with support for SEO-friendly URLs.

One facet that caught my attention as extremely valuable through much of phpMyRealty's admin area is the presence of multilingual translation fields that you can use to type in translated versions of your options or text. If you're considering going multilingual, this quick access to input translated text is going to save you a lot of time.

The front-end sports a minimalist yet highly usable interface. The homepage has a prominent search box linking to a powerful search feature that allows you to build complex search queries. The advanced search, by default, will also include any new or updated listing types as search filters. Listings returned via the search feature can be compared side-by-side thanks to the application's compare feature.

On the detailed listing page, the layout is well-defined with nice tabs and jump links. Each listing is accompanied by a detailed description, meta information (includes any custom fields you've defined), agent information, image slideshow, and a Google Map showing the property's location. Users browsing this page can easily add a listing to their favorites, print it, email it to someone, or even download a PDF file containing the property's information and images.

Agents using the site to list their properties are entitled to a profile page with contact information as well as a link to their listed properties. Agents are also able to create new listings which can be routed to a moderation queue prior to being published to the site.

Upgrade options are available for agents either on a per-agent or per-listing basis. These packages can be configured in the admin area to offer extra exposure or features to agents in exchange of a recurring monthly fee. phpMyRealty is able to only accept PayPal and 2Checkout payments.

To customize the look and feel of phpMyRealty, you will need to resort to editing its template files. These files are PHP-based, but only HTML/CSS knowledge are required if you're looking to do some basic customization. For advanced users, you can leverage your skills to edit the PHP code to further tweak the application to your liking.

Overall, my experience with phpMyRealty was extremely satisfactory. I like the fact that the application isn’t bloated with dubious features and is designed and developed with ease-of-use in mind. It's hard to quantify, but phpMyRealty felt fast and very responsive compared to other similar applications I have reviewed. My only complaint concerns the admin interface — it works as intended, but a little consideration to aesthetics and usability would have made it more intuitive to use. The developers are working on addressing this in their next release. As it stands, it is still highly recommended for those in the realty business.



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