Star rating system with JavaScript and PHP Editor's Review

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Bottom line

"A simple, yet highly configurable, star rating system that seamlessly integrates in any site to offer a powerful user-rating functionality." - Ahmad Permessur, Editor -

Pros and cons


  • Can be used for any type of rating: product, image, video or article.
  • Can be inserted in any page: HTML, PHP, ASP, etc.
  • Blocks votes from the same IP to prevent multiple votes.
  • Easily customized by adjusting its variables or editing the CSS file.


  • Doesn’t include an administrative area to reset or manage votes.

Detailed review

Star Rating is a simple JavaScript rating system that you can plug to any page on your site to offer an easy-to-use vote feature for site visitors. With a simple copy and paste of a few lines of JavaScript code, you can turn any element on your page – be it photo, article, video or product – into highly engaging, vote-enabled content.

Using 5-Stars Rating is pretty straightforward. After uploading the files to your server, all you have to do is insert some JavaScript snippets to your page. You can position it close to the content that requires voting. The script automatically detects the URL of your site and assigns a unique ID to the rating component. It then renders a star rating on the page. When someone votes, it parses the vote in background to a PHP file, which in turns stores the score in a plain text file. You can also configure it to store the voting information in a mySQL database.

The rating component in itself is very flexible. It not only returns the number of votes as an image, but also provides a textual description of the assigned voting score and the total number of votes. Thanks to its AJAX support, the script is responsive and votes are captured and tallied in real-time without any page reload.

The script is highly customizable. You can set the number of stars to be returned or define your own custom images with custom labels. For instance, you can replace the stars with smileys and rename the labels to good, fair, poor, etc. You can further customize the typography and colors by editing the CSS file.

The one major limitation of the script is that it doesn't offer any way to manage the votes. There's no administrative backend, which means that you cannot easily reset or adjust the number of votes. However, it does track the IP address of voters to prevent multiple vote submission from the same visitor.

Overall, 5-Stars Rating is a decent script that seamlessly integrates with any site to offer a usable voting system for your articles, photos and products.



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