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  • Start working with this incredible online CMS. Find a lot of useful plugins, templates. Be part of a helpful community, ask your questions and get help directly from developpers and kind users. See how easy it is to create your own webpage. All you need is php no sql is needed. Try and find out!

  • Looking for a CMS I was bewildered by huge and complicated progammes like Joomla etc. until I found CMSimple_XH: small and easy to understand, and you can easily design your own templates and even plugins. Can do most of the things the big boys do. If you like to understand what you are doing this is the CMS to start with.

  • I work with this CMS for 10 years. The community around this CMS is a daily source of help and advicesin any topic. The CMS matches any requirement, regardless if a simple personal webpage has to be made or a heavy portal. It is highly adjustable, with very easy understandible and adjustable source code, very fast and secure.