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  • We totally love 123flashchat and we are going to use this for a very long time! We are so happy with this service!!

  • Just wanna recommend a chat product "123FlalshChat" to you, one powerful chat software with excellent feature, which would be integrated with your site and help you attract more users come here. Very great, you should not miss!

  • our website is using this chat tool for a long time. we don't find anything wrong about this software. and users are happy with it.

  • My members like this software very much, there are about 20 performers broadcasting their video each day. The pure HTML client loading fast, and the quality of the video is also very good. The functions are very useful and user-friendly. But I hope one function can be added into the software, it is allow the users to create their own room or a group talk, since now just the admin have this power to create room. I like this software and hope it will be improve better and better.

  • I am really exciting about this. I searched Pay Per Minute on Google and found this chat software two months ago, i tested it and bought a 100 users package. Their support team helped me for the integration, it was seamlessly compatible with my site. Then i opened the PPM/PPV function, my site is a dating site, the show girls broadcasting and talking with others. Members buy credits and talk with show girl consume the credits. Last month, i earned my first $150 from the credits consumption, really happy for this. Thanks to this software, i will introduce it to my other friends. But i hope they can develop new functions since the current edition is not perfect. To create other functions let the users consume the credits.

  • I buy this video chat software for my website 2 months ago, it's a chat website. To be honesty, i got more users this two months than before. And I can confirmed they are coming for the video. The video quality is quite clear, and 123 Flash Chat also offer me a price I can afford. Thank you. Also, thank hot scripts, because I got this chat software from here.

  • M site is a community site, a lot of members, nowadays, more and more users want talk with face to face mode, so good quality video chat software is required for my site. I tested 123 PPV software before i purchase it, this software is really good, especially the loading speed and high quality video. I like it very much. It helps me imrpove our members' loyalty. A best video chat software.