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YOU control where the blocks go on your PostNuke site with this module! Reviewed by Anonymous on Tue, 7th January 2003

Rating: 5 - Excellent

This is an excellent replacement for PostNuke's default Blocks module. With Nuclei Block module you are given not just the normal 3 areas where you can define the placement of your blocks, but TEN!

Installation and configuration is seemless. I installed it successfully (first time!) on PostNuke 0.723sp1 and sp2 (security patch 2). Coverted one of my themes into it's standard by adding the required definitions and away it goes.

You don't even need to amend your theme immediately as this module does not change any default PostNuke database structure, so if you have defined your blocks as you would for left, center and right placements, you will not have to change anything. Although amending your theme is highly encouraged to take full advantage of this module.

With so much content that needs immediate user attention, my sites were getting very top heavy with the over-used center block, with Nuclei, it gave me more real-estate on the page and now the all important articles and news items are actually displayed "above the fold".

If you run a PostNuked site, this module is an excellent addition to your site.

I have now converted three of my sites over to the Nuclei blocks module if you wish to see it in action, please visit, and

Well done to the authors of this module, keep up the good work!

Mahmood Al-Yousif