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  • I read reviews and description, and looked at some screenshots. I visited the website, the now closed forum and the new forum on sourceforge. I found a couple of help files for users once everything is set up. But nowhere any hint on how to install and implement this on your website. I'm new to this and there are no instructions on the site, on the forums, or in the downloaded zip file. Totally left in the dark. Ratings make it sound like it deserves 5*, but guidance gets 0*. Avg=3*

  • I got a lot of error messages, also mentioned on their forum. The user interface to enter data looks very nice. Entering a new page is tedious. Could not find adequate admin functions. Wikiwig makes maps and files I could not delete using ftp programme. When uninstalling, I was not able to remove the files wikiwig made. Had to make a call to my hosting company.

  • This looks like it would be an excellent wiki if there was decent documentation and support. Simple things are simple not addressed (such as which files you need to CHMOD etc) in the installation docs and if you encounter any problem, the support forum is unmanned and full of spam. I logged on a month after originally posting to find nothing had been posted since. Let us know when you've sorted it out wikiwig. I'd advise to stay away until then.

  • The software has improved dramatically over the previous versions. Quite a large number of software bugs have been removed but once again a few still remain, particulatly file sizes are mentioned in something other than English. While the sofware is visually attractive and very functional, it surprisingly has been released in a final state with an amazing omission. The faciity to log in is there but according to the programmer it is useless and will be sorted out in a future upgrade!! This confuses people and distracts from what i would consider to be a worthwhile piece of code. I believe it will require a further version upgrade to wikiwig v4, before I can give it any higher rating