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  • For anyone who says this doesn't work, or they can't chmod to make it work, or anything else, well, they don't know what they are doing. Extremely well thought out script, and the free version has just about anything one could want in an image gallery. Had it up and running in 15 minutes. Had it tweaked with my own headers, backgrounds, and images sizes in under two hours.

  • If you don't register, the logins don't work. You can chmod until the cows come home and it will not work. And in order to register for the free version, you have to say yes to some kind of spam stuff. Also, really bad documentation, not that there isn't LOTS of it. It just doesn't tell you anything.

  • I like this script because it allows me to easily edit my webpage. It also let me upload images.

  • what up how we can see?If there is any problem with this item you will have 30 days to return it and claim a refund. Refund can only be arranged if there is a problem. CDs must be returned prior to refund being issued. We will try our best to resolve any problem ASAP.

  • For file manage function, it run too bad. In my oponion, its just suitable for gallery, not for file management !

  • Hi, It's a gallery - not a file management tool. The file management is simply a nice addon for users that cannot handle or don't have FTP.

  • I have this amazing photo gallery on my Homepage. I havent seen anything better then TWG ever, the instructions are very good, and the best is - its easy to make the gallery for ur wish, it has everything u need, it cant fail. And also the Author is soo nice, he helps in everything ;).

  • After been searching for hours to find a easy to use gallery which also looks great i found TinyWebGallery. This was perfect for my website. Now i don't have to make my own thumbnails anymore, and i can select passwords for different folders. I can even with a click on my mouse send a notification to all the registred person when i upload new pictures. Beside that the gallery is perfect for me, TWG gives greate suport too. Additional to what i wrote it has much more exstras. Thanks to TWG