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  • I installed this code snippet within a post of one of my popular WordPress based sites. The install was simple and it worked immediately. The major complaint I have about this code snippet (I wouldn't call it a full 'script') is that when it is used by guests of my site where I have it installed then my site only hosts the input forms and upon the form submit then my site guest is whisked away to the script author's site entirely with no identifiable return path. The script ignores site branding entirely. To make this script much better the results would be shown as part of my own site (either windowed, iframed, or the results passed back to code on my site where the results would be shown under my own branding. The way the code is set up now I might as well just place a simple link to the code author's own site (that's basically how this code is acting now) An alternative might be to offer us (webmasters) a configuration dialog where we can specify a logo (to be displayed above the results) and allow us to specify a return path (so that we can re-capture our own site visitors when they are through with the author's tool)