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Average Member Rating: 2.81/5

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  • Chased $_GET and $_POST errors for hours. Fixing most. Finally gave up in the php 5.4.27 xampp for Linux

  • It's just what i need to resolve my on-line problem and operations. Great for website services. Thanks to HOTSCRIPTS

  • I haven't sent out a huge mailing yet, but in pre-tests it performed exactly as promised.

  • Hi, I do not where its support is, but i am having hard time while setting up the email to send, it does not let me add subscriber from front end, all time say, "There was an error sending the confirmation email. Please try again later.". I checked config File, Does not seems to fin the email tag, Please guide what is missing

  • Bought script but keeps reverting to log in page when you click an action to do like ad mails. Number of support requests sent but no response.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • I was tasked with finding a mailing list application that had the ability to store email addresses in a text file instead of a database. We were also seeking an application that would allow you to send emails and newsletters with html and that the sent messages would be archived. This app does everything and more! We are more than please and recommend this highly. The price is remarkable as well.