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Free Advanced Portfolio

Advanced Portfolio is the perfect starting point for users to build a cool portfolio on Joomla websites. It allows you to set up everything in minutes and is highly flexible to fit your business. Projects layout was designed in classic, neat yet professional style. Each thumbnail is a single project that displays images/video, description and external link.
And yes, Advanced Portfolio is Joomla 3.x native and FREE to download.

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Price: Free

Light a Candle (In Memoriam)

Light a Candle (In Memoriam) enables you and your site’s visitors to easily and quickly light candles in the the memory of a died person, to support a cause, or even for your own wellness. The extension integrates seamlessly with your existing Joomla! admin area, so you will feel right at home.

Light a Candle (In Memoriam) includes a component and a module is a fully Responsive Joomla 3.x Component. It has front end submission op...

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HD Video Share

HD FLV Player the plugin enables to showcase high definition video contents in an enticing way, support for video ads lets website owners to earn and there are provisions for branding your website as well.

Live Streaming: Lighttpd, RTMP, Live Telecast, Amazon S3 Live Streaming video.
Multilingual: Readily available for French, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish and more European languages
3 free add-ons for: Comment section,...

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Price: Free

EQ Event Calendar Joomla Extension

You want to benefit the community for scheduled events on your site? The extension EQ Event Calendar is for you. This pack allows you to plan future events, report it to your users. Whether it deans with parties, shows, social aperitifs, sales promotions, demonstration, share all your interests and federate your users. And of course, share events via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Real planning tool EQ Event Calendar is not limited...

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Price: USD 16.00

EQ FaceBook Friends Joomla Extension

The FB Friends module displays some profil thumbnails and names of those who like your facebook page among your visitor's friends. While reviews takes an important role, friends reviews have a more important impact.

Easy to install and to configure
Display the number of people that like the page
Display some friends names that like the page
Display some profil thumbnails that like the page
Available conf...

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Price: Free

Store Manager For VirtueMart Extension

Store Manager for VirtueMart belongs to innovative solutions for high-level data management, using which entrepreneurs will bypass daily routines and create competitive storefront.

This is a desktop extension, easy to install and configure. You may connect to your store database using different types of connection - direct, bridge, direct through HTTP tunnel. Each of connection types has its advantages and you can choose the one th...

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Price: USD 199.00

EQ Youtube EN Joomla Extension

YouTube is a functionality that inserts a YouTube video on your Joomla website, a video chosen by your care.

Easy to install and to configure
Possibility to play and watch the video
Show video chosen by your care
The extension "EQ Youtube" has been tested and compatible with Joomla 3.2.x to 3.3.6 version and PHP 5.3.x release (+ below), and with only extensions developed by byEqima and using the standard templa...

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Price: USD 10.00

EQ Social Buttons Joomla Extension

One module to enable sharing, as a link, a content from your joomla website on the socials networks delicious, digg, facebook, google, twitter, linkedin, stumbleupon or technorati!

Easy to install and uninstall
Easy to configure
Possibility to activta or desactivate some social network
Available in two languages: French end English
Choose the display place
The extension "EQ Social Buttons" has bee...

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Price: USD 10.00

EQ Facebook Page Joomla Extension

With FaceBook Page give your visitors the opportunity to love your comments while propelling them directly on Facebook. In addition, this component will allow you to get a newsfeed retracing the latest publications made on your facebook page and your fans!

The extension "EQ FaceBook Page " has been tested and compatible with Joomla 2.5 to 3.3.6 version and PHP 5.3.x release (+ below), and with only extensions developed by byEqima a...

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Price: USD 10.00

EQ Youtube Channel Joomla Extension

YouTube Channel is a Joomla extension whose mission is to play Youtube videos directly on your website by inserting a drive space. By adding it get ready to become the star of the web.

Main Features

Easy to install and uninstall
Displays the videos below your content
Ability to watch and see the video on your website
The extension " EQ Youtube Channel " has been tested and compatible with Joomla ...

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Price: USD 10.00

EQ Social Connect Joomla Extension

You will also retain your visitors who will participate in the social life of your site. When simple rhymes with efficient!

Strengths of this module:

- Easy installation and uninstallation

- Enabling or disabling options

- Customization of JOOMLA's Module

- Automatic recording as Joomla user

- Possibility to choose the location

- Sign in with ...

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Price: USD 15.00

JMZ Easy PageBuilder

JMZ Easy PageBuilder gives you a completely new set of tools for creating and managing your content. You can create advanced layouts using columns and rows, as well as integrate core modules. Just drag and drop suitable elements, construct content visually without any lines of code and it will save you tons of time working on the site content.

- Drag and Drop to build layout.
- 27+ built-in elements.
- Bootstrap 3 ...

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Price: USD 40.00

One Page Checkout For Virtuemart AddOnsPro

Have you ever worried about the turnover of your own business? Or to be easy, Have you found out the reasons, but haven’t discovered the most effective solutions yet ? You are miserable to look for the most method to deal with your own troubles. Don’t put yourself under such great pressure! Come to us with the product which we call “One page check out” immediately. It is believed that the product will be worth your buying.


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Price: USD 59.86

Joomla Social Tabs Module

Nowadays, social media has come the most popular and powerful development than ever. So many seller want to combine all of theme favorite social networks profiles into their site to promotion product.

And now If you are owner of online shop, Joomla Social Tabs Module can help you do it. Just integrate module in your site , it allows you to display social networks in the form of sliding tabs,so that users can view your activity in t...

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Price: USD 35.00


Easy to configure and use, you can now create a new, cool looking joomla accordion presentation of your website.

Joomla accordion main features :
*Ability to create up to 10 items.
*Text, opacity, alpha, all managed in the module parameters.
*Each item can be linked to a URL: display articles, components or content.

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Price: Free


Built on JQuery this Joomla module works on all platforms, including IPhones and IPads. You can manage it through the module parameters in the Joomla backend:

Key features:
- create as many presentations as you wish
- create as many items for a presentation as you wish
- place the thumbnail menu in 4 different positions: top,left,bottom,right
- SEO ready
- use any type of image (jpg, png, gif, b...

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Price: USD 15.00


JQuickLinks enables you to create a section with useful links of your website in a matter of seconds. For a better presentation the links panel is expanding to maximize space and create an attractive presentation.

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Price: USD 10.00

Joomla Paypal Subscriptions

As simple as plug & play all you have to do is install the component and use it.

Some of the features:
- 5 minutes setup
- you can easily create multiple subscription packages.
- user accounts are automatically created upon subscription
and deleted/blocked upon subscription expiration.
- no registration hustle, user information is picked up from PayPal
- more security since joomla wil...

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Price: USD 29.98

JEvent Calendar

You organize events and you want to display on your site? Here is an extension designed for it. JEVENT Calendar is a package that allows you to view a list of upcoming events. Nice to look at (because you define its color) and easy to use, JEVENT Calendar also helps you in organizing your events.

Whether for parties and entertainment for fairs and flea markets for dates promotional sales or whatever you want to plan, this extension...

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Price: USD 20.00


JSocial is a component that links your Joomla website to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks. Integrate it into your site, and you will see the interactions between visitors, your Joomla site, Facebook and other social networks increase. You could also increase your presence on social networks, while naturally increasing your site traffic so your notoriety will go better.

JSocial allows your visitors to be a full ...

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Price: USD 30.00