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RSS2HTML script

Simple php script that displays rss feeds from the feed urls you defined on your web pages either by SSI include tags or php includes. No javascript is needed, so the content is displayed as plain content for good search engine ranking. Works on htm, html, shtml and php pages. You can use it to display your wordpress blog feed on other non-php pages of your site. Displays Title, description and date of the post. Title is linked by permalink creat...

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This class can be used to parse HTML to validate it and extract parts.

It can parse an HTML string using regular expressions and validate it to check if it has malformation errors.

The class can also extract parts of the HTML document given identifier attribute values of the tags that should be extracted.

You can insert and delete tags of some position in xhtml code or with some characteristics.

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Geocoding addresses with php

This script queries the Google Geocoding Web Service for addresses, and returns lat/long and oter useful information is a easy to integrate way

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Mobile Optimize

Mobile-Optimize is a a tool capable of transforming the structure of a website to increase its adaptation to smaller spaces such as the mobile devices' screens. It is an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver, which makes the insertion into a website quite simple, making the whole process completely visual.

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Feeds Agregator script

Web-based RSS/ATOM aggregator.Unlimited subscribed newsfeeds. Simple installation
, admin panel , unlimited categories, easy customizable.
With auto updated feeds your website growing by hundreds of content pages each day.
meta info managment for evry site page.Option to
submit rss feed URL from site home page or from admin panel.
Whit Feeds Agregator script every webmaster can run site like

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Price: USD 19.00 XML API Wrappers

Sample PHP Script to build a web form for users to enter encoding parameters and send API requests for encoding to FLV format using the API

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Advanced Feed Parser | Rss to Html | Atom Feed to Html

== PREMIUM SCRIPT == BNC Advanced Feed Parser ( Rss / Atom to Html ) is a php script that gives you the ability to add feeds to your website. It can auto detect feed type and supports RSS 0.90, RSS 0.91, RSS 0.92, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 feeds. It displays it inside your webpage, exactly as if the content were part of you page.

# Easy-to-use Script - your don't need to be a programmer # Template-based Script - Especially nice...

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- Read feeds content into an array
- Supports for RSS 0.91, RSS 0.92, RDF, RSS 2.0 and Atom feed
- Detect feed type automatically, also can be set manually.
- Support pluggable html widget rendering class
- Can render html widget through optional RayFeedWidget class or your own extended class.
- Easily configurable & can work without any configuration.
- Simple & Easy to use from a...

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This one is a PHP, AJAX , MYSQL Autocomplete from Database.

The AutoSuggest class adds a pulldown menu of suggested values to a text field. The user can either click directly on a suggestion to enter it into the field, or navigate the list using the up and down arrow keys, selecting a value using the enter key. The values for the suggestion list are to provided as XML, or as JSON (by a PHP script, or similar).

The r...

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Cut html string

It takes a string with an HTML excerpt and return the initial text and tags so the text does not exceed a given limit.

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XML-Flash Page Flip

You can manage whole gallery with a single xml file. No need to edit fla file. You can add/edit images/titles through xml file.

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Handle remote data with PHP 5 and REST Web service

This Representational State Transfer (REST) Web service is made of three main parts: the login part, the xml part and the data part. The first part concerns about the validation of the user data: username, password, account id and IP address, which are all transferred and returned by the function file_get_contents(): It is supported by the function stream_context_create() which takes care of how the request will be made (for safety reasons POST)....

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Combine XML, Files and SQLite3 with PHP 5

This example shows you how to do it if you have no MySql DBMS at hand and a not to extensive amount of data to expect. The XML file (holds all basic data we want to make available in the administration by choice), the text file will handle all the chosen data and the SQLite3 will contain all data submitted from users - as an extra we want to trigger the most important actions as data inserts and changes in text files with error_log(). PHP has eve...

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Menu Handling Class with SimpleXML and PHP

The big part of programming web applications is writing a lot of code - time-consuming. Classes are usefull to save time. This class is taking care of the menu handling. The XML file is easy to create: Main navigation and sub navigation differ only from the name of the node, the id of main and sub node must be the same to assign to each other. The menu class handles how and when to open and close the navigation elements. The script controls nine ...

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RSS Generator DW

RSS Generator is a Dreamweaver extension that installs a script into your site that automatically generates a RSS channel based in your web site structure, title and content into your web pages. It's a one click installation that does not require hand coding skills; this script will perform all the work automatically adding a fresh RSS channel making your site more modern and ready for the web 2.0 challenge.

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RSS_PHP v3 - An XML & RSS Parser for PHP 5+

RSS_PHP v3 is an XML and RSS Parser for PHP 5+ which provides easy parsing and writing of RSS and XML.

Unlike many RSS/XML Parsers, RSS_PHP also gives you full access to every part of the original XML; including attributes, extensions and values.

RSS_PHP now features full array to xml conversion, automatic encoding conversion, xpath, an xml writer, support for processing instructions, namespaces and a great deal mo...

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Least Squares Fit

Will produce a picture of line through a series of points. Will give you the gradient and constant of the equation y=mx+c.

Needs data input to work , also requires the font Font.ttf

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Just put your Rss Feed link, customize your display options in arrays, and use it !!! Very usefull and indispensable for your website.

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Simple xml parsing

This simple script retrieves elements from a remote xml file encoded in ISO and displays the wanted content within a table using UTF-8 encoding.

There is a live demo.

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Ara RSS Editor

Ajax and PHP tool for creating the RSS feed of your website. Must be stored on your website. Very easy to use, just type the url of the article, and title and description are extracted from the page by the script.

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