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Create, send Email campaigns & manage Mailing Lists.

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Average Member Rating: 3.75/5

Chowis Problem

Reviewed by tzpat on Tue, 28th August 2012
Rating: 1 - Poor

The bad side of this script it allow users to peceed with check out even if the domain requested is not available.. :-(

[email protected] Fri, 18th January 2013

First of all cWhois is designed to check availability of domains so when you talk about proceeding I think you are referring to cWhois Domain Cart which is a separate product which you are misunderstanding I think. cWhois Domain Cart does not allow a user to proceed to register a domain that is not available. However depending on the settings it may allow the user to transfer, renew or host a domain that is not available (because they already own it). This is of course perfectly normal for a site selling domains and hosting services. Please make sure you understand how a product should work before writing derogatory reviews.

Great script, however it will not be updated / fixed anymore.

Reviewed by Michel79 on Tue, 19th June 2012
Rating: 1 - Poor

We have been using this script for almost 3 years now and we were always happy with it. We were so happy we recently renewed our license. However recently several TLD's stopped working (due to changes). So I contacted Vibralogix about this. Unfortunately he said that Cwhois & Cwhois Cart are not being updated anymore. This means several TLD's do NOT work anymore and will not be fixed. Seems we are really being ripped off. Everybody interested in this script should warned that the author (Vibralogix) won't be updating the script anymore. Currently about 30 TLD's are not working anymore and soon there will be more unfortunately. Really bad support.

[email protected] Fri, 18th January 2013

This is simply not true. We do still support this product and have released several new versions in 2012. Not sure where you are getting your information from.


Reviewed by Anonymous on Sat, 22nd December 2007
Rating: 5 - Excellent

The script works perfectly and support was fantastic, they helped me get the script working on a custom page. I'm not the best at coding either but I found this script very easy to modify. This is a great easy to use script and would recommend to anyone.

Port 40

Reviewed by Anonymous on Fri, 13th October 2006
Rating: 5 - Excellent

The software examples at the author's site performed brilliantly. When downloading it (after purchase), I experienced problems: I should point out that these problems were specific to my server. The installation was very simple: upload & go! Before anyone purchases this tool, check your host doed NOT block Port 40! Mine does, and I cannot switch. Technical support from the author is second to none, and I was offered a refund immediately. Highly Recommended!

Great scripts!

Reviewed by Anonymous on Tue, 13th June 2006
Rating: 5 - Excellent

The scripts of Cwhoiscart or just Cwhois are really great and very nice to work with it. It's very easy to use, and the nicer than all that you can always get support from the Vibralogix help desk. I saw them stay with me untill I became really satisfide. Thanks too much for all of them. [email protected]

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