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This was a vworker project for a drop-in threaded comment system. The project was done by Rameez Usmani and paid for by me and released under the GPL by me. It is kind of my payback to the community for help I've gotten online and from other open source projects. The project was born out of my frustration due to a complete lack of working threaded comment demos in ASP.NET. jThreadedComments can be added to any page with a gridview or a listview on it, simply by passing it a unique rowID. It's that simple. The code is in C# and the comment database is in MS Access, but it would be simple to port to MS SQL. The main target was Intranet use, as it gets the user name from a session variable and probably would need a fair amount of work to make it safe for the public Internet (dumping the access database for starters). But its a start and better than anything on the Net that I could find.

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Added On: Sat, 9th July 2011


ScriptsASP.NETScripts & ControlsDiscussion Boards

etAnotherForum.NET (YAF) is The Open Source Discussion Forum for sites running ASP.NET. 100% written in C#, YAF (pronouced like "laugh") is a unique combination of Open Source, Microsoft's .NET platform and an international collaboration of the .NET developer community. Growing and changing daily, the YAF project is lead by Jaben Cargman of Tiny Gecko. YAF runs on any web server that supports ASP.NET v2.0 (and above) and SQL Server. YAF is licensed under GPL.

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Added On: Tue, 16th March 2010

ASPPlayground.NET Forum w/ Ajax

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New Version 3, rewritten based on ASP.NET 3.5 and AJAX, greatly enhances user experience and admin capabilities with a new UI. New features include skinning, community moderation, improved group permission, reward post and many more! Download your copy of Version 3 today!

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Added On: Fri, 30th May 2008

Jitbit AspNetForum

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A powerful forum software for an ASP.NET website. A discussion board ASP.NET component that can be installed in seconds. This ASP.NET forum is datasource independent (Access/SQL-server), supports user profiles and registration, private messaging, online administration, email notifications engine, RSS-feeds, it is cross-browser and more. Source code license available. Free edition available.

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Added On: Wed, 24th August 2005

Silvernode Chimaera2

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Chimaera2 is a powerful opensource forum for .NET applications. Powered by the Silvernode Micron framework, it provides a unique environment for your users. The code can be modified as you wish, and frequent updates are released by the developers. The system supports Access, MySQL and MSSQL Server natively, but can be extended to work on any database. Unique subsystems like Virian, Terminus and XConf make it possible to manage your system in a completely abstract mode, while the code delivers lightning-fast response times.

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Added On: Tue, 24th August 2004

ITCN ASP.NET Enterprise Forum 3.0

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The ITCN ASP.NET Enterprise Forum is a powerful Forum and Discussion Board for your website, built with search engine optimization in mind. Programmed in VB.NET for the Microsoft® .Net 2.0 Framework, the forum software will work on just about any Windows web server with .NET and SQL Server installed. And since it's fully customizable, you can add it to just about any website or blog. First released in 2004, the forum has been newly upgraded in 2007 to provide all the features you have come to expect and need in a discussion board, without all the complexity and difficulty of administration. It is flexible enough to be completely themed to match the look and feel of your website. Our newest edition is a complete table-less CSS design in XHTML with a focus on search engine optimization, to insure that your website's forum will get noticed, get more traffic, and get more people talking!

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Added On: Sat, 28th February 2004

ScriptsASP.NETScripts & ControlsDiscussion Boards is a powerful forum package written by ASP.NET c#,support Access2000 & MS SQL Server 2000 & MySql 4.0 & Oracle 9i.Full source code included.

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Added On: Thu, 20th November 2003

Yet Another Forum

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Yet Another is a powerful discussion forum or bulletin board system for web sites running ASP.NET. It is based on ASP.NET with a MS SQL backend database.

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Added On: Thu, 18th September 2003

ASPMultiChat .NET

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ASP.NET DHTML chat application. Non-flickering. Compatible with Explorer, Navigator, Opera. Powered by database. Features: multiple rooms & users, private & offline messages, ignore list, history, photos, moderator & admin functions, localized GUI, etc.

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Added On: Fri, 27th June 2003


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A complete web-application with user friendly GUI, administration panel, group ID system, board subscription, secure downloading, avatars, dynamic tags, advanced post editor, comprehensive statistics, content and users search, more than a dozen display themes or create your own, supports MS Access and MS-SQL, and more.

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Added On: Mon, 5th May 2003

.NET Threaded Forum Source Code with Full-Text Search

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The source code contains no web.config, global.asax or other special configuration files that would conflict with your existing web site code. To give you a look at other ways to write ASP.NET code, code behind wasn't used. A huge percentage of the code is contained in C# class libraries that implement the System.Web.UI.Page class along with basic HTML in the standard .aspx or script only pages. You'll be able to see how to wire up some of the most common server side events in non ASP.NET project oriented classes that get fired when a page loads. I think you'll find that this coding methodology will make it easy for you to use the code as is, convert it to code behind, or convert it to script only pages.

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Added On: Tue, 25th March 2003

InstantForum.NET v4.1.4

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InstantForum.NET is an eloquent, robust, ultra high performance ASP.NET & SQL Server discussion forum designed to meet the needs of the most demanding online communities or internal collaboration environments. InstantForum.NET boosts the most comprehensive administrator control panel available within any of today’s ASP.NET forum solutions. As you would expect InstantForum.NET offers unlimited customization support via our skinning model, HTML wrappers or master page templates. anguage packs ensure every aspect of the forum including e-mail's and even the spell-checker dictionary can be localized to suite your needs. As all text is centralized modifying any email template or changing any text is very simple. A well designed object oriented code base, highly optimized database schema, strongly typed cached data objects & collections and a unique state management system ensures InstantForum.NET can scale to accommodate the most demanding high-traffic communities.

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Added On: Mon, 6th January 2003

dotNetBB Forums

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dotNetBB is a complete forum package that is an ideal choice for your community forum needs. dotNetBB was built from the ground up using Microsoft's .NET Framework to ensure the best performance and reliability. Coupled with a Microsoft SQL Server backend (v2000), dotNetBB can easily scale to meet your community forum needs. Features: Multiple authentication sources, WYSIWYG editor (IE 5.5+, downlevel mCode editor for all other browsers), Enhanced post moderation tools, Polls, Community Calendar, Private messaging, Full web based admin tools, Editable user themes, Member ignore filters, Migration tools from ASP.NET, Snitz, Web-Wiz, UBB, phpBB, and vBulletin forums, Easy IBS/DotNetNuke portal integration, and more.

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Added On: Mon, 16th December 2002


ScriptsASP.NETScripts & ControlsDiscussion Boards

Designed specifically for SQL Server and written in C# this is one fast, scalable forum product. Latest version now includes multiple file uploads, secure groups, events system and much more...

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Added On: Mon, 25th November 2002