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Takes a plain html table and turns it into a treetable. Uses jQuery, so you get all the functionality of this wonderful library for free.
Update Dec 2008
Feature Set:-
Has now been fully updated to work with JQuery 1.2+

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Added On: Tue, 28th August 2007

Rounded corner content box generator

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsVisual Effects

Ever wanted that rounded corner effect for your HTML tables? It is easy to create the images in your favorite graphics program and get it from GetRoundedBox.

Keep your elegant design! No complicated CSS and Javascript coding and frust...

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Added On: Wed, 15th August 2007

Cool Corners

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsVisual Effects

This script can transform those dull square DIVs into nice cool-looking DIVs with round corners.
So, more or less what you can do with the Mozilla CSS property -moz-border-radius, but something that will work in other browsers too.
I kn...

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Added On: Mon, 30th July 2007

FREE - Barre Code Generation - Javascript

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A very simple and powerfull Barre Code Generation javascript !!!! This script can generate a EAN13 Barre Code by entering the first 12 digits.

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Added On: Sun, 22nd July 2007

Desactivate flash blocking effect

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A very simple and powerfull flash anti-blocking javascript !!!! Very usefull and ideal to avoid the grey flash border effect on mouseover... Customizable for flash with transparency.

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Added On: Wed, 4th July 2007

All In One, the DHTML API Covers Many Features

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsVisual Effects

This API is consist of Javascript files that are needed to be attached to your files and we documented the function prototypes for your use. All you have to do is to include script files to your own web pages - between and tags.

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Added On: Thu, 28th June 2007

CFX Visual Effects Library

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsVisual Effects

CFX is a JavaScript library that enables animations and graphical effects on web pages. It can be used to move elements around the screen, create fades and other transitions, and more. Demonstrations of moving elements and transitions are included.

Rated 4.67 out of 5

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Added On: Thu, 28th June 2007

Mouse Over Table Rows

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsVisual Effects

As CSS can not achieve this on every browsers, javascript is a good solution to be able to highlight rows on mouse over.
Live Demo.

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Added On: Tue, 12th June 2007

VegUISiteKit: Animated Tooltips

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsVisual Effects

This library brings animated tooltips to your site that are easy to set up and integrate. The animation effect for the tooltip can be either the fade or the morph effect. The tooltip itself can be assigned a css class to make sure you can make it fit...

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Views: 2,086

Added On: Thu, 12th April 2007

Advanced Color Picker

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsVisual Effects

Easy to configure, with multiple options to select, it's the ideal tool for the webmasters who need a color picker in their website. Works on IE5+/Firefox/Opera/Safari , so it will cover more than what you need. It'a also very small in size, and CPU ...

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Added On: Tue, 20th February 2007

Hearts Effect

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsVisual Effects

This component adds nice floating hearts to your web pages. No external files required; this is a 100% Javascript based effect. You can configure several parameters from a visual interface, allowing you to customize the animation speed, amount and si...

Rated 4.81 out of 5

Views: 3,366

Added On: Sun, 4th February 2007

Virtual Pagination script

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsVisual Effects

This script lets you transform long content on your page into a series of virtual pages, browseable via pagination links. The broken up content pieces are separated simply via arbitrary DIVs (or another block level element of your choice) with a shar...

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Views: 3,634

Added On: Tue, 16th January 2007

Simple TreeView

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsVisual Effects

This is a simple script diplaying a simple treeview from a list of 'folders' and 'files' ordered in an html list an designed using CSS and 4 tiny background images.
The script contains a live example and is easily customizable.

Rated 3.00 out of 5

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Added On: Tue, 9th January 2007

Smooth div box apparition & hiding

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsVisual Effects

This code can display a div box smoothly with a single click or automatically. It uses the getelementbyid(), setinterval and clearinterval functions.
It can be useful when you wish to hide content on a page and only display it on demand.

Rated 4.58 out of 5

Views: 5,311

Added On: Fri, 29th December 2006

Dynamic Web Page Effects

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsVisual Effects

Dynamic Web Page Effects contains several products which allow a variety of effects and controls to be added to web pages. The effects and controls allow more information to be placed within an area of a web page and at the same time provide visitors...

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Added On: Sat, 4th November 2006

AJAX Targeting

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsVisual Effects

An Ajax application written JavaScript, PHP and DHTML that stores target location size and history. That history of that target area can then be replayed through JavaScript animation from the history stored in the database. Multiple target areas ca...

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Views: 1,910

Added On: Fri, 6th October 2006

HBcms Color Picker

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsVisual Effects

It's cool: Looks like Microsoft Windows/Office Color Picker. It's simple: Only 1 HTML file ( No additional js,css or images ) .
Easy to use: Just add a javascript onclick event to get to work .
Transfer selected colo...

Rated 4.33 out of 5

Views: 2,430

Added On: Tue, 22nd August 2006

Merlin Web Mascot

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsVisual Effects

This is a mascot for web pages packed as Dreamweaver extension, allowing you to define the actions from a visual interface, with a few clicks from the Dreamweaver menu. You can use this mascot to attract attention to some product or section of your w...

Rated 4.83 out of 5

Views: 1,913

Added On: Thu, 17th August 2006

Ajax Tooltip

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsVisual Effects

A small and easy to use script where the content of the tooltip is fetched by Ajax from external files.

Rated 3.78 out of 5

Views: 13,520

Added On: Wed, 7th June 2006

EJ3 ColorPicker

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsVisual Effects

EJ3 ColorPicker is a advanced color-selector to use in HTML forms that try to emulate color-picker tools of programs like PhotoShop or PaintShop.
EJ3 ColorPicker was developed using JavaScript and is fully compatible with a wide range of web b...

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Added On: Tue, 9th May 2006