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ScriptsJavaAppletsImage EffectsAnimation

This is an animation button applet that vanishes the input image at a random center or mouse location.

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Added On: Mon, 26th March 2001


ScriptsCGI & PerlScripts & ProgramsMiscellaneous

Spy.cgi is a simple Perl script that allows you to print out the current date on your page and sends you an email to inform you that you have a visitor. Spy.cgi is written in French.

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Added On: Mon, 26th March 2001


ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsE-CommerceBarcode Generation

Barcode is a small implementation of a barcode rendering class using the PHP language and GD graphics library. It currently only has support for the Interleaved 2 of 5 code and Code 39, but work is being done to add more codes.

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Added On: Sun, 25th March 2001


ScriptsJavaAppletsVisual Effects

The animation button applet takes one input image and performs real-time visual effect by shaking the image.

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Added On: Sun, 25th March 2001

DS CrossShear

ScriptsJavaAppletsImage EffectsSlide Shows

This applet can show a CrossShear effect between any images. Over the animation you can also insert an image and a scroll-text. The applet is interactive and includes a HTML code generator that allows to change parameters without any knowledge of Java and HTML programming.

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Added On: Sat, 24th March 2001

The Python Web Services Developer, Part 2

ScriptsPythonTutorials & TipsXML & Python

This is the beginning of a short series on creating a software repository system built on Web services and developed in the Python programming language. This article shows you the details of using the 4Suite open-source XML server with Python to create Web service-based applications.

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Added On: Fri, 23rd March 2001

Panel Class

ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsSite Navigation

This is a PHP class that allows you to easily create self-recovering panels. Panel is a component of overlapping "group of panels", similar to the sidebar of Mozilla or Microsoft Outlook. The main part of the overlapping and navigation is done in DHTML, and includes a PHP class to facilitate the creation of the panel side server. Panel content can be either an external page or given as a string. Basic customization (colors, fonts, etc.) is possible via method calls. Further customization can be achieved via a CSS. Documentation is only in French at the moment.

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Added On: Fri, 23rd March 2001

Bid Search Engine

ScriptsCGI & PerlScripts & ProgramsSearch Engines

Done-Right's Bid Search Engine allows you to operate your own Pay Per Click search engine. Simply allow members to bid on their desired search terms for placement and when a visitor clicks on the member's listing, the amount for that listing is subtracted from their balance. Along with many features, including meta fill-in results from 14 search engines, this heavily automated search engine will allow you to provide your visitors with an excellent search engine and generate income at the same time.

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Added On: Fri, 23rd March 2001

Ad Banner Engine

ScriptsCGI & PerlScripts & ProgramsAd Management

Ad Banner Engine is a complete system to rotate banners across multiple sites. All logging is done using a MySQL database (required), and it provides daily stats, as well as historical stats. It can rotate an unlimited number of banners or you can use static banner code so the same banner is always shown or rotate multiple banners for a single link. It supports zones allowing you to easily display different sets of banners in different locations.

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Added On: Fri, 23rd March 2001


ScriptsTools & UtilitiesMiscellaneous

NB-safecolor is a unique color tool. It allows you to choose the right combination of colors for a webpage, either by choosing from a websafe/named colorpalette, pre-defined colorsets or by specifying RGB/HEX-values. Easy copy and paste of CSS-code with the color layout to your editor. Features a user-friendly interface to try different color combination, switch between colors, undo color choice, swap color coding between items, and much more.

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Added On: Fri, 23rd March 2001

Connections And Server Database Permissions

ScriptsASPTutorials & TipsDatabase-related

This is an overview of SYSTEM DSN's, DSN-LESS Connections, and any database permissions that may need to be set on the server. Helpful for people just learning ASP as well as people with some experience.

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Added On: Thu, 22nd March 2001


ScriptsCGI & PerlScripts & ProgramsFAQ & Knowledgebase

csFAQ is an automated system for displaying FAQs (frequently asked questions) on your website. Features: Central Administration done through the web browser, Easily create/edit/delete Q&A Categories & Questions, Automated user submission form, Fully configurable Auto-Response Email notification of submission, Icons for each submission, 'Pending' area keep users from submitting to wrong category, Create unlimited categories, Add unlimited questions and answers, Easily rearrange FAQ's, HTML templates to customize look, All style settings are adjusted using a web based interface, Include code added to management page for easy reference, and Advanced security settings for administration.

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Added On: Thu, 22nd March 2001

JSearch Applet

ScriptsJavaAppletsSearchingSite Search

JSearch applet can be used together with JSMenu applet or as standalone site search tool. It can search through the site tree-shaped contents or in some index files (or via CGI) for keywords ("all words", "any word" and "phrase" options are available). You can provide one or more index files simultaneously to search into (like "complete archive", "old archive", "new archive" etc.).

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Added On: Thu, 22nd March 2001

Calendar of Events Listing

ScriptsPHPTutorials & TipsDate & Time

This tutorial describes how to write a simple script which looks at a list of events and only displays the events that occur today or in the future.

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Added On: Wed, 21st March 2001


ScriptsCGI & PerlScripts & ProgramsMiscellaneous

LDAP-Express is a Web-based LDAP client written in perl. It gives you the ability to access LDAP databases via your Web browser. You can access your corporate address book or find virtually any address on the Internet by accessing public LDAP directories right from your Web browser. LDAP-Express is the directory-services component of BrowserExpress, our full-function, Web-based e-mail client.

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Added On: Wed, 21st March 2001

e-Classifieds Standard Edition

ScriptsCGI & PerlScripts & ProgramsClassified AdsGeneral

A powerful and affordable classified ads system that includes photo ads with intelligent thumbnail scaling, context-sensitive help system, ad review, privacy mail, send ad to a friend, Auto-Notify, user registration, forgotten password retrieval, automated maintenance routines, powerful search features, data integrity checks. Browser based Control Panel allows you to add, modify, or delete categories; define unique data fields for each category; ban users; add, modify, or delete user ads; review and activate pending ads; delete inactive users; send expiration notices; review payment statistics; post payments received; send past due notices; edit header and footer; and edit system and appearance settings. Fully upgradeable to it's high end systems.

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Added On: Wed, 21st March 2001

PCS WebCharts Pro

ScriptsASPScripts & ComponentsGraphs & Charts

PCS WebCharts is a charting solution for web developers that uses Active Server Pages and server-side Visual Basic Script (VBScript) to create dynamic bar and column charts (including stacked and 100% stacked charts). No ActiveX or Java controls are used, nor are multiple image files used to create the graphical display only ASP that creates pure HTML.

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Added On: Tue, 20th March 2001

JSMenu / JSearch applets


JSMenu applet is a free treeview (treemenu) java applet, suitable to use as site navigation (site index) tool. JSMenu java applet can load its contents either from disk file or from server-side CGI. So, you can create your site contents (site index) dinamically. You can use javascript calls as URLs for JSMenu applet items. Free site search tool (JSearch Java applet) is incorporated. This site search tool allows to search through the site contents (TreeView structure) for any keywords like 'all words', 'any word' or 'phrase'.

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Added On: Tue, 20th March 2001

2eNetWorX OpenForum

ScriptsASPScripts & ComponentsDiscussion Boards

OpenForum is an initial framework for page level integrated forums. It's not intended to be a fully-featured forum application but rather a simple and efficient forum base. The main functional difference between OpenForum and other classical forums is the integration. You can display the forum in any of your existing asp pages with a single call. OpenForum will preserve the existing querystring of the url if there is any. OpenForum also has different color schemes you can choose from using the Web-Based Administration. If enabled, users can also receive email notifications of new posts. (Compatible with ASP Mail, JMail, and CDONTS)

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Added On: Tue, 20th March 2001

DS ImageScroll

ScriptsJavaAppletsImage EffectsSlide Shows

DS ImageScroll is an applet that can scroll any images in real time. Over the animation you can also insert an image and a scroll-text. The applet is interactive and includes a HTML code generator that allows to change parameters without any knowledge of Java and HTML programming.

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Added On: Mon, 19th March 2001