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Professional Perl Programming

ScriptsCGI & PerlProgramming Books

Both aspiring and experienced Perl programmers will benefit from the expertise in this book, whether they are looking to develop serious applications, improve their productivity, or simply learn a more powerful and portable replacement for shell scripts. Whatever the task at hand, this book is an invaluable, detailed resource of the Perl language. The latest version of the language, Perl 5.6, is used throughout, with commentary for those with earlier versions.

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Added On: Fri, 9th March 2001


ScriptsTools & UtilitiesScript & Text Editors

TxE8 is a unique flexible word processor with a user-friendly interface. It's easy to use, powerful and 100% free. It loads extremely fast, can handle very large documents, can e-mail your documents (without using another program), and it has Drag and Drop support. It has many unique features, like the on-screen Find-bar to find things fast, and the Add text panel, which allows you to insert frequently used words quickly.

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Added On: Fri, 9th March 2001

Boxer Text Editor

ScriptsTools & UtilitiesScript & Text Editors

Save time and effort with this versatile, full-featured Windows text editor. Boxer is extremely powerful, but remains easy to use for both beginners and experienced users. This award-winning text editor features a powerful macro language, 2 GB file size limit, syntax highlighting and printing, project support, FTP, HTML support, column blocking, undo/redo, spell checker, regular expression search/replace, extensive configurability and much more.

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Added On: Fri, 9th March 2001


ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsPolls & Voting

phpVote is a PHP/MySQL-driven voting / poll script. Features: RealTime display, Percentage bar's, Anti-Cheating (Cookie-based), easy language translation through variables, CSS-configuration, and more. 1.10 update: Netscape support has been added.

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Added On: Fri, 9th March 2001

Fading scroller

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsText Scrolling

This is your regular message scroller, except in IE5+ and NS6+, where the messages are gradually faded into view. Updated to support two fade modes- from white-to-black, or black-to-white.

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Added On: Fri, 9th March 2001

SchoolMation Update 2.1

ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsEducation

SchoolMation is an easy-to-use web-based education management solution that is designed to foster communication between students, parents, teachers and administrators. SchoolMation, used daily by schools in over 60 countries for the past 5 years, employs cost-effective technology to help advance education and learning practices. SchoolMation is a key tool for enabling data-driven decision-making.

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Added On: Fri, 9th March 2001

Date Dependent Content

ScriptsASPTutorials & TipsContent Management

The author notes "Displaying content depending on what the current date value is a powerful and effective tool that adds value to any website. Whether it is to showcase a limited time offer, or to “automatically” update pages with new content while you’re miles away." This example code repeats the process to three times to demonstrate the full effects of date dependent content.

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Added On: Thu, 8th March 2001

Structured Web Image Gallery System

ScriptsCGI & PerlScripts & ProgramsImage Galleries

SWIGS is a system for creating hierarchically organized sets of thumbnail galleries. Multiple sizes for each image are produced automatically, and each image can be annotated with a relevant description, date, photo credit, etc. The image galleries (albums) have a tree structure, each album possibly containing pictures and/or additional albums. The album is made up of a set of webpages: a set of thumbnail pages for the images in the gallery, a text-only list of all the images in the album (with description if available), and a page listing all the sub-albums of the current album, with a description and sample image for each.

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Added On: Thu, 8th March 2001

Paging: Use ADO, getrows, or a Stored Procedure?

ScriptsASPTutorials & TipsDatabase-related

Paging is basically querying a database and presenting a page full of the query's results. In ASP and SQL Server programming, there are three approaches to paging. This article compares the approaches and explains which one is the most efficient when dealing with very large sets of data.

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Added On: Thu, 8th March 2001


ScriptsJavaAppletsVisual Effects

This is an animation button applet that takes one input image and performs real-time visual effect by a moving light. The animation button applet takes one input image and performs real-time motion blur effect at a random center or mouse location.

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Added On: Thu, 8th March 2001


ScriptsJavaAppletsVisual Effects

This is an animation button applet that takes one input image and performs real-time ripple effect at a random center or mouse location.

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Added On: Thu, 8th March 2001


ScriptsJavaAppletsVisual Effects

aiplight is an animation button applet that takes one input image and performs real-time visual effect by a moving light.

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Added On: Thu, 8th March 2001


ScriptsJavaAppletsVisual Effects

This is an animation button applet that generates the multi-layer effect by dynamically rotating, translating, and scaling the input image at real-time.

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Added On: Thu, 8th March 2001

Horizontal Menu Scroll

ScriptsJavaAppletsNavigationMenu Systems

This is a horizontal menu scroll Java applet. It allows users to choose the direction it scrolls. Supports both right and left.

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Added On: Wed, 7th March 2001

Fresh Question Manager

ScriptsCGI & PerlScripts & ProgramsCustomer Support

With the Fresh Question Manager you are able to answer questions posted by your users and put them online with a simple click. Private handling of questions supported. Includes database administration through Admin Control Panel, and easy layout customization. Ideal also as ab online counselling software.

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Added On: Wed, 7th March 2001


ScriptsASPScripts & ComponentsImage ManipulationImage Creation

This ASP image component includes a wide range of editing functions to resize, create or edit images dynamically in a script or server side environment. It has support for JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, PSD, TIF and PCX formats and exports to PDF. It can merge images with optional transparency, including an alpha channel, and is suitable for adding logos or watermarks. It can draw text, lines and shapes. Adjustments can be made to brightness, contrast, hue and saturation. Colour palettes can be viewed and edited. Images can be cropped, rotated and flipped. Metadata support allows for the extraction and edit of IPTC data, Exif and XMP in JPEG, TIFF and PSD images. ICC colour profiles can be retained during processing. Read and write images to disk, to binary data or database blob fields, or stream images to the browser. Use with csASPUpload or other components to edit or resize upload images dynamically following an upload. Free trial available with examples on our web site. 32 bit or 64 bit.

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Added On: Wed, 7th March 2001


ScriptsASPScripts & ComponentsFile ManipulationUpload Systems

This is an ASP component/dll which processes file uploads using HTML forms and a web browser. It can handle more than one file per form. Once uploaded the files can be saved to disk or to a database as a binary data stream. Files can also be exported into the csImageFile component for image processing. Form variables can be accessed using the component. Upload progress can be displayed for large uploads. An additional class containing HTTP functions has been included. These allow a script to send a file to a remote server as an HTTP post, and also to receive a file from a remote server as a download. A username and password can be sent if the remote server uses authentication. Form variables can be added for the upload as well as the download. Files can be uploaded from a binary variable or downloaded into a binary variable. There is a free trial available with full instructions. Available as 32 bit or 64 bit.

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Added On: Wed, 7th March 2001


ScriptsASPWeb Sites

Aspreferences.Com provides a resource index about ASP, JSP, PERL, PHP, SQL, etc. for for web developers. Also chat forum pages and freeware web applications inside.

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Added On: Wed, 7th March 2001

Gportal Web Directory & News Portal (SEO Pack incl.)

ScriptsASPScripts & ComponentsLink Indexing

GPORTAL is a search engine/directory link and news manager. You may manage all your links with a hierarchical directory navigation, and publish unlimited numbers of categories and links. Search script allows clients to perform searches on your news database and link database. News management allows you to create and publish your news online. You may edit templates and publish your links in a few seconds. Other features: Shows new links, popular links and sponsored links in separate pages; Easy admin control page; No need DLL or third party software (recommended IIS 6 or higher and Win 2003 or higher); and uses MS-ACCESS 2003 (comes with a free database included) database. New functions added with new version : rating system and commenting system for listings. Online working site and a full function demonstration can be found at our website. Search engine optimized version is a limited offer with new 2009 release. Our script is open source code and comes with free install offer.

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Added On: Wed, 7th March 2001

Smart Referrer

ScriptsASPScripts & ComponentsWeb Traffic Analysis

Give those important pages of your site individual attention. Smart Referrer is a compact product that consists of only one optimized ASP page for all funtions including administration panel, comprehensive reports and help section. Very easy installation! You will just have to add an include file to your page to be monitored and add the page URL to the admin panel. Reports generated include: Brief Report; Today's Report; General Reports; and No Hits Report that gives all the referrers that have not accessed you page today and the details of when it was last hit.

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Added On: Wed, 7th March 2001