CKEditor – A JavaScript WYSIWYG Editor

WYSIWYG  (What You See Is What You Get) are one of the most reused components in Web development and are used to bring text formatting functionality found on desktop editing application like MS Word to the browsers. When text are edited, these editors will try to preserve the formatted so that it looks similar when published on the Web.

FCKEditor, launched some 6 years ago, quickly became the most popular JavaScript based WYSIWYG editor. It has recently been renamed to CKEditor and inherits the strong features that used to be found in FCKeditor and added a dozen of new features like built-in image editing, form creating, accessibility features. The most important enhancements comes in terms of browser support. CKEditor which has been in development for over 2 years supports is compatible with most Internet browsers an operating systems. The new streamlined coding and AJAX featured also enables a better speed improvement compared to the previous version.

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What makes FCKEditor the primary choice for many developers is its ability to be fully customizable and extensible. For example, you can remove or add items from the toolbar, skin it to look like your web site and even write your plugins. Implementing FCKEditor takes only a few minutes – by simply calling the JS function, it will automatically replace <textarea> fields you’ve defined.

You can find a list of other WYSIWYG editors on Hot Scripts. If you have suggestions for other editors not included in our list, you can post a comment to this post, or suggest a WYSIWYG editor on our forums.

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  1. Looks nice! TinyMCE is a great tool but it's a little slower. I'll try this one, to see if it's faster.