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  • PHP-Ping

    Update: Security Fix, $count was not sanitized, now fixed! Enjoy. Update: Works now with 4.2+ (register_globals change). Updated form validation (security). PHP-Ping is a PHP script to ping from your server. The author writes "I was looking for a ea...
  • PHP Whois script

    With this PHP class is it possible to check the whois information for domain names. If the result for a query is negative that a standard message is given. Special features: String validation for the name part, dynamic select menu for the defined tld...
  • cWhois

    cWhois is a PHP script that can check the availability of a domain name and if required retrieve the registration details. cWhois works with over 800 domain extensions such as .com,, .ro, .name, .de etc. Supports IDN and DAS required by some w...
  • EP-Dev Whois

    This whois script will act as an ordinary whois script, returning whois information natively on about 200 different extensions with the ability to add more. It also acts as a whois script for registrars who can pass available domains into a billing s...
  • Micro Whois

    This whois scripts gives you an attractive interface to check domain informations. The main domains like .com, .net, .org, .info are integrated but it is quite easy to extend the script with any other domain extensions.
  • Skynet Framework

    Skynet Framework is powerful, easy to use GNU/GPL licensed remote control package and cluster-based network connections builder written in PHP. With Skynet you can create different instances of Skynet (called "clusters") and place them on different...
  • What is my IP Address Script

    Start a "What is my IP Address" Website with this easy to use PHP Script. Show IP Address, Network Name, Country, Region, City and the Location in a Map.
  • Jedi Knight PHP Server Controller

    No database setup needed! This lets you remotely control your Jedi Knight game servers. Very handy for when you’re changing files/mods on a remote server, renting servers or just always traveling and need to control your server from a mobile device...
  • PHP Capture Command Line Input From User

    Reading from the command line can be useful for creating php scripts that run from the command line. It can be used to capture the user’s decisions such as specifying the install location or setting up config preferences for a new website.
  • WHois Script

    Whos-that Whois Script whois lets you find whois data for a wide variety of domains. Simple and easy to use, have it up and running in minutes with little PHP experience.