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  • Metadot Portal Server

    Metadot Portal Server is a Perl/MySQL-based open source portal server that provides content and community management user customizable news page dashboard like My Yahoo. Users can have their own public website area to share information. Includes buil...
  • Community Portal (CommPortal)

    CommPort is a "Community Portal" generator based on Perl and MySQL that can be tailored for any location. Each user gets a personal portal page to which they can add their own "channels" or select from a growing list of pre-prepared local, national a...
  • Image Display System

    IDS is a CGI written in Perl that generates a photo album website on the fly. All you need to provide are the images and (optionally) text descriptions. As you add new pictures, they will appear automatically. Each image will be displayed with inform...
  • MyUploader

    MyUploader is a Java Applet for uploading multiple files to an ASP.NET, Perl/CGI, PHP, or Java web server via HTTP. The easy to use uploader has advanced features from drag and drop to folder upload. Even uploading files of 2 GB is possible. During f...
  • NeoMail

    NeoMail is a web-based e-mail client that can be installed on any UNIX mail server that is also running a web server. It requires Perl 5, suidperl, and NO additional modules to run. It supports sending and receiving messages and attachments, user pre...
  • BowCart Commerce

    BowCart is a mySQLi & PHP eCommerce shopping cart application Studies have concluded that an average of 68% of shopping carts are abandoned online, most due to the fact that the user is simply trying to figure out how much an item is going to cost. ...
  • YouTube API 3.0 Video Uploader

    Video Uploader 3.0 is a YouTube API-based PHP script that lets you add YouTube uploading functionality to your own website or web application. It allows your users to upload videos directly to your own YouTube Channel, without the need to sign in to ...
  • Perl MySQL Backup

    This is a Perl Script for MySQL backup, it's support customize multiple database to backup, and how many backup keep on backup directory.
  • Bar Chart / Graph Script

    Features: The script generates vertical bar chart for any number of elements. Easy Customization of graph elements, x-axis and y-axis lables, and color. Requires to install graphs module. Simple and easy to use. Supports al...
  • Ujima Content Managment System

    Ujima (oo-JEE-mah) is a powerful yet simple to administer content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and online applications. Ujima was designed with the novice web developer in mind but is also powerful enough to be a v...