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Web Traffic Analysis

IPSearchLight for ASP.Net and ASP Classic - Precise User Location Tracking

The IPSearchLight Product Family includes a ASP.Net WebControl (C# or VB.Net), and an ASP Classic ActiveX Server Control (VBScript, COM Architecture). It precisely locates website visitors by country, state, city, latitude, longitude and even zip code. Users are tracked using a technique that is non-invasive and undetectable - it uses IP address alone. IPSearchLight is beneficial for localization, targeted advertizing, statistics, security and ...

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Price: USD 139.00

Hit Counter Control

This hit counter uses an MS Access database to track hits to any number of pages on your web site, but you don't need to know databases to get it to work. You put a single tag on your page and it does the rest, there's no need to manage the database.

It comes with a help file describing all of the additional properties, like displaying the counter as plain text or using images. It can be added to your toolbox and dropped into pag...

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Price: Free

miniStat .net Ė Free statistical tool for any website

miniStat .net is a simple yet robust hit tracker/ hit counter. It provides statistical information on the users to any website. It tracks unlimited users and is only limited to the size of your database. miniStat .net tracks your userís hits, unique hits, referring domains, search engine queries, operating system, browser type, recent referrers, and languages. All of this for free. It is intended to be an open source development project w...

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visitors.restrictor ASP.NET script

Fully customizable ASP.NET script. Restrict frauders and cheaters from visiting your site, stealing your bandwidth and wasting your server resources and save money. Limit single IP, whole IP range, specific regions, countries, continents and more. Keep track of those people in "ignore list" so you can easily change settings with one-click.
Variable SQL usage, easy installation.

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Price: USD 69.00

ASP.NET Graphical Hit Counter Code

Create a nice looking hit counter using ASP.NET and MS Access. Very easy to setup and use. This is a pure hit counter, it will count each and every hit. To track hits on a new page, simply add a row to the database and change the query string on the counter code to point to the new database row.

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SiteLog ASP.NET offers complete website traffic analysis for your ASP.NET websites. Use a module to track your entire website, or add a web control to track individual pages.

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