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  • Correct Redirect

    If you have ever used a redirecting service, you know that the redirect, regardless of the typed in URL, always goes to the hardcoded URL, unless you yourself handle the redirecting. Especially when the redirection is done in a frame. Any attempt to...
  • GentleSource Short URL Script

    Short URL Script allows you to have a URL shortening service under your own domain. The script can create shorter URLs that do not break in email messages or mask your affiliate links. As a site owner, you can use the script for managing download...
  • MyRedirect

    This is a link-based redirection script written in PHP3 that keeps track of statstics of each redirected link using a MySQL database. There is also a script for viewing the detailed statistics online.
  • plusPHP Multi-User Short URL and Statistics

    NEW features in Ultra version: Facebook Connect and Twitter OAuth integration, Microsoft Tags and QR codes generator, countries tracking, income sharing 50/50 with users (advertisement displayed with links), 5 star rating, selectable redirect mode (c...
  • OpenDomains 2

    Opendomains will help you become Free Domain Provider, build in Php/Mysql. Easy to install and use, you can make money with the script and your website. OpenDomains can create any subdomain of your domain. You can put your ad into any subdomain. Ex: ...
  • Free URL Shortener

    Free URL Shortener is a PHP URL shortener script allow you to make your URL short and pretty looking.
  • PHP Short 2 Long URL

    Find Long Url redirected with a short url (,, ,
  • MN Short - Free URL Shortener

    With this free URL shortener script you can create your own URL shortener service with just few clicks.
  • DeRefer - Website Dereferer System

    Using this dereferer system you can create your own anonymize service. All you have to do is to upload it, make required changes and you're website is ready to use. No MySQL database required!
  • PHP SQLite Link Redirection And Counter Script

    Thank you for trying the PHP SQLite Link Redirection script. You can have a Microsoft looking link redirection service with counter. Now you can post links in different places and if the target link changes you dont have to go back to edit the whol...