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Adf Ly Clone Script
The Scripteen AdF.Ly Clone Script allows you to setup your own money making website just like the actual AdF.Ly website (Note: We are not affiliated with AdF.Ly in any way) - Professional and well structered design - Easy language file that can be translated - Super Fast and easy to use Admin Panel - Cheat protection - Spam Protection - Pay and get paid with Paypal & Alertpay - Shortened URL gateway with a full page ad ( interstitial , banner or no ads )v - Different rates for each country ( for both advertisers and publishers ) - Random show of advertiser links - Geotargetting for advertisers - Ticket system - Easy to understand members panel - Different tools for users .. and much more
(3 ratings)
PriceUSD 45.00
plusPHP Multi-User Short URL and Statistics
posted by3dominFrame Based
NEW features in Ultra version: Facebook Connect and Twitter OAuth integration, Microsoft Tags and QR codes generator, countries tracking, income sharing 50/50 with users (advertisement displayed with links), 5 star rating, selectable redirect mode (cloak, instant, rating frame or ads). Powerful "industry standard" short URL script with advanced redirect tracking system - useful tool to protect affiliate links and to track visitors/clicks. Script features AJAX interface, API, web 2.0 like design, users registration and links management, bulk shortening and links "categories" (based on custom tags), advanced admin interface, illustrated "popular URLs" section to share links and - most interesting - powerful redirects statistics (date, source domain and page, visitors' geo data). Script is easy to install, easy to manage and easy to promote due to it's usability and uniqueness - making it perfect solution to organize professional redirection and links sharing service on your own domain.
(9 ratings)
PriceUSD 59.00
frame redirection script
This allows a webmaster to have a service like what appears on a lot of the big link sites, when you click on a link the site displays a frame at the top with their info and the link is displayed in a frame underneath. This script will do this, also shows how put ion your own advertising if required in the top frame.
(7 ratings)
Allows you to add a frame to the top of links exiting your website so users may come back to yours with a click of a link.
(12 ratings)
Seraph Redirector
posted bySnoinFrame Based
Seraph Redirector will Load a page without Frames or Fowarding from another site. Now supports Post Vars, Cookie Vars and File uploading. For example You have a form that goes to www.something.net/form.php The script will then load the page other page www.someotherthing.net/form.php through the server and print it out what it returns. I call this Site Relaying. www.something.net/dir/index.htm Will Load www.someotherthing.net/dir/index.htm
(15 ratings)
Results 1-5 of 5