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  • Multiple Image Upload

    Features: Upload to server up to 10 JPG pictures, Rename files with given index, Create SWF images from uploaded pictures, Create JPG thumbnails, Create SWF thumbnails. Also includes an Online JPG to SWF converter with preloader. Script require MING ...
  • base64img

    Include/insert your gif/jpg image inside your PHP script using base64-encodeing. This enables you to create a good functional website with images, using only one file: Your php-script. The script it self is also a good example of how this works. Enjo...
  • phpThumb()

    Very flexible thumbnail generator. Resizing, cropping, borders, watermarks, sharpen, color adjustment, flip, rotate (and more). Source can be local file, remote file or database source. Uses ImageMagick extensively if available. PHP GD library is opt...
  • Display visitor's IP Address in a graphic

    Display a visitor's IP Address in a graphic on your website pages (or any other pages) with this simple PHP script. This script makes use of the GD image tools. Can easily be changed to match whatever colors you wish.
  • phpWatermark

    phpWatermark aims to provide a simple way of marking an image with a digital "watermark" to prevent unauthorized use. It is implemented as a php class and should be usable inside most php scripts. Images are accepted either as a filename or as a refe...
  • NedResize Animation

    With NedResize-Animation V1.0 you can upload and resize an Animated .gif with transparency support.
  • Ajax Image Upload With Preview

    Ajax image upload with preview is an ajax file uploading system that allows you to upload your pictures to the server with hability to resize or downsampling when uploading. It has two types of browsing the images, by file browser or by drag and drop...
  • Php Image Resize Script

    Features : Can specify the required height and width for the uploaded image. Script functionality is done in Php. Responsive and easy to integrate. Get high quality image resolution for the scaled size.
  • SQLimg database image storage

    This class can serve images added to a MySQL database table. It can execute SQL queries to store uploaded images files in a given MySQL table. The class can also retrieve from the database table and serve image data for displaying as the curren...
  • Simple Photo Tagging

    It manages a MySQL database with table records for a list of pictures and tags that associate a given name with a section of a picture identified by the tag coordinates in the picture.