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Basechat – Whats app clone script
Basechat is native social networking app just like whatsapp. Basechat works on android as well as iphone devices. It has all the features of whatsapp and it can be good starting point to have your own whatsapp competitor. Basechat uses solid chat server as backend and its code and interface is at par with whatsapp. FEATURES: - Iphone and Android apps - Uses Solid chat engine - Group chat - Secret chat - Share Photos, videos, audio and messages - Share files and documents - Share location - Exchange contacts - Secure user registration - 200+ emoticons/smileys - Custom notification sounds - Precise message time stamps - Email chat history - Chat backup
(11 ratings)
PriceUSD 6.00
Free Java Chat
It really hasn't been any easier to sign up and enjoy the benefits of using your own free chat and java applet utilities for your website, whether it be for communicating with essential business clients, or chatting with friends and family on a safe, free-speech network!
(172 ratings)
With MessengerXM your site will come alive! Add IM capability to your own site and allow visitors or clients to communicate with each other in real time while still browsing your site or the Internet. It will make visitors to your site want to come back again and again, which means more sales and more traffic for you. The client has absolutely nothing to install or download. It all works seamlessly within your client's browser. Our standard MessengerXM product can be further customized to fit your specific needs and requirements. If this is something you would like to explore, please contact us for more information and quotes. However, customization is not required and MessengerXM will work out-of-the-box as is. Give your visitors something to talk about.
(12 ratings)
Visual Avatar Chat Server
Visual Chat is an avatar-based Chat Server, featuring a 3D world, uploadable user images, an avatar list for different emotions, and whisper mode as well as private rooms.
(61 ratings)
CBIRC (Christoph Bratschi's IRC Client)
CBIRC is written for Java 1.4.1 or higher. There are a Webstart and an applet version available. CBIRC supports several simultaneous connections to IRC servers. RFC 1459/2812, ANSI, mIRC, CTCP/2 styles and colors, emoticons, flood protection, web links, CTCP and DCC are supported. Plus many more features.
(222 ratings)
posted byinfoinChat Systems
Add secure real-time communication to your site or intranet, for users within or outside of your firewall. NeuChat is a powerful java chat server that can run in any web browser. Users can set Preferences such as: enable Time Stamps, choose font styles/colors, and navigate through various Chat Rooms, all from the same interface. Accessing NeuChat is role based and determined by Administrators. Admins can securely manage Chat Rooms by monitoring all rooms in real-time, logoff users upon demand, and create new rooms quickly and easily using the admin interface.
(6 ratings)
Results 1-6 of 6