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Link Checking

RSS Checkup

This powerful script is useful for identifying sites or blogs writing no more articles -if the feed still exists -if the link returns to an 404 page error -...

Just enter your OPML file or your list of RSS Feed (xml) and you will see the analyse

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Backlinks Checker

This tool shows the backlinks of any domain further it checks actual current status of backlink and either it is nofollow or dofollow. It provide the report containing the domain name, linking page, anchor text, and tell you whether link is nofollow or dofollow. This is a web based tool developed using PHP and Ajax technology.

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SF Crawler

Want to check out your competitors sites ? Then send in Scripts Fever Crawler ! The crawler will return with your competitors site details including the site title, its keywords , its description, the text on the page, all the links on the selected page (click a link and the crawler will investigate it) and all the email addresses on the selected page. Check the demo to see the crawler in action.

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Softbiz Links Exchange Software

Most Downloaded Link Exchange Software is a POWER PACKED and automatic link exchange system for your link exchange or reciprocal link generation needs. It makes enhancing site popularity VERY EASY. Once you install it on your server, anyone can fill in a simple form and script will AUTOMATICALLY check whether they are linking to your site and after this accept their request. It is really as simple as that. You do not need to manually check everyt...

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SEO Tool - Inbound Link Analysis

Find below the Key Features/Facts

* Advanced version
o will use MySql database for storing the link history.
o Displaying recent three link analysis list in home page.
o Implemented the saved results concept.
o Displaying all inbound links with neat table format while processing links.
o Added more styles/look and feel to all pages.

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Links2Lower is a small PHP CLI script that recursively renames all files and folders in the path argument to lowercase, and searches for HTML files and lowercases any URL's within them.

This is useful for HTML documentation (or sites) created in Windows where there has been disregard for the case-sensitivity of the URLs, making hyperlinked documentation unusable on a case-sensitive system like Linux. (Open University HTML documenta...

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Multi Rank Checker - Web Stats Checker

Rank Checker is a simple yet powerful script for webmasters who want to check the status of their websites in major search engines, their traffic trend and social bookmarks. You can use it as Website Stats Checker, Seo Rank Checker or for your own personal use.

This script allows you to check the 19 seo stats and displays the rank any domain you enter in. Also the Pagerank Button to embed in to users webpage to show their pagerank....

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With LinkTimer you will know when links get expired, if your link is placed on the website, if the site works. In LinkTimer you can store information about link text, payment details, seller's contact information. Besides, we have forseen our system to be multiproject.

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Scriptalicious SEO Scripts Pro 2.0

The #1 SEO Scripts - 77 amazing tools including a Link Analyzer, Backlink Checker, Search Engine Position Checker, Search Engine Saturation Checker, Fake Rank Checker, No-Follow Finder, Reciprocal Link Checker, URL Shortener, Link Suggestion Generator, PageRank Checker, PageHeat Checker, Link Popularity Checker, Alexa Traffic Rank Checker, Multiple Keyword Search Engine Position, Multiple Website Search Engine Position, Multi-Rank Checker (PageRa...

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Scriptalicious Turnkey Keyword Rank Checker Script

Start your own keyword rank checker turnkey site with this awesome niche Webmaster tool, or install on your server for your own personal use. Our Web 2.0 Keyword Rank Checker Script lets you check your Google and Yahoo keyword rankings in real time! Check Google and Yahoo keyword rankings in real time. Runs as a standalone tool or add to your Website/blog. This turnkey niche Webmaster tool makes checking keyword ranking simple and fast! Installs ...

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No follow checker PHP script

With this PHP script, you will be able to easily spot the "no follow" links pointing to your website on a specified page. The no follow links are not passing any link value or PageRank in eyes of the search engines and webmasters often use this trick to cheat with link exchanges.

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Reciprocal link check PHP script

This script will allow you to easily check your links on your link partner websites. Just enter the list of web pages and this tool will tell you if your reciprocal link is still online.

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Link Searcher

This class can be used to crawl Web pages to search for given text in it. It retrieves a given Web page and searches for links contained in it.The new links that are found are added to a queue to be crawled later and so implement recursive searching up to a given depth limit.The class looks for pages with text that match a given regular expression.

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Link Checker Pro

Free script, that scans an entire website for problems on links: broken links, redirects, and other bad URLs.
You can customize the display. Broken links are grouped under the URL of the source page (unlike Xenu) that eases to make the required corrections.
This PHP program could be used online even if it is intended to work at command line on your computer.

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Link Back Checker - link back checking php script

The Link Back Checker php script is an unique and powerful link back checking solution php script. Link Back Checker is a PHP/MySQL powered script that handles link back checks easy and fast! This script is a real money maker! Every webmaster need linking partners, so that when search engines like google gives them a rating, it gives them a rating based on how many sites links back to their site and vice versa. What happens if one of your linking...

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Site Checker

The script initially retrieves the list of all pages on the website (physical pages as well as pages in a database. e.g CMS). It then checks each link in each page against this list. The user may also specify a list of folders to ignore. This script can be usefull on large sites as it can be used to determine internal/external page links that are dead. The script can be easily extended to list pages that contain invalid links to images, javascri...

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Micro Link Checker

The Micro Link Checker is a small and basic PHP script to check link validity on a given site. The script loads the requested page and collects all URL on it and at least check whether the links are accessible or not.

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Reciprocal LInk Pro - PHP/MySQL Reciprocal Link Management Software

Reciprocal Link Pro is a fast, powerful, easy-to-use PHP/MySQL reciprocal link web application that will help increase your website's search engine visibility by increasing the number of quality links pointing back to your website, resulting in more targeted traffic!

Reciprocal Link Pro takes a pro-active approach to quickly building your quality search-engine friendly reciprocal link directory using only core SEO (Search Engine O...

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BackLinkBot Links Exchange

BackLinkBot Links Exchange New system for governing reference. The Change from many other systems in that that work begins with checking the search systems, but already with got reference to lead work. This allows first, get the maximum amount known search systems references (available work with 4 russian-language and 4 english systems), secondly, then and there check them on presence of the reference to your resource, in third check their rating...

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eSyndiCat Link Checking Software

eSyndiCat is an ultimate tool to check for reciprocal, broken links. Lots of useful features, allowing to configure it according to your needs. Easy template customization, seo friendly urls, Google PageRank checking, alexa statistics checking. Convenient admin panel allows to manage your listings in a very user-friendly way. Join support forums and you will find answer to all your questions. No hidden costs. Download eSyndiCat Link Checking Scr...

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