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AirFinch - Develop a scalable business with Airbnb clone

AirBNB is an online vacation rental booking platform that conveys an intelligible business idea for vacationers and travelers to profit settlement from any piece of the world. Business visionaries can adventure to build up a versatile business with our Airbnb clone script, Many of the lodging listed at AirFinch - Airbnb Clone are from individuals who own second vacation homes or rooms where the proprietor is normally away. We give the Best Airbnb...

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Smarteat – Has high responsive with the adaptability of the restaurant

JustEat Clone Script has built up an extremely prevalent food ordering platform, and in the event that if anybody is in need to launch their own online food ordering and delivery system with Justeat clone. Food Delivery script has rich components and exceptionally basic and secure strategy to discover food and delivered it to your doorstep. Online Food Order Script has high responsive with the adaptability of the restaurant, it totally relies on ...

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AirFinch - Integrate email and manage everything

AirBNB Clone mechanizes all parts of a property administrator's vacation rentals business and creates a new source of income through guest services. It's the first of its kind, and the main framework to give total control as well as services and activities for your guests. Integrate email and manage everything from inquiries, bookings & payments, to calendar sync, online booking, website, marketing, reports, agreements, accounting & taxes - all i...

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Wedding Directory Script,Readymade Wedding Directory Script,PHP Matrimonial Software

Besides selling matrimonial scripts, we also assist our clients all along for their higher revenue generation. Our wedding script is based on the matrimonial script developed using the latest technology of PHP, MySQL and AJAX.

Our Wedding Script uses the same technology as the matrimonial script. Our wedding directory is classified into various categories which is developed in a very simple and user friendly manner. At the click of...

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Light a Candle Script

Create Own "Light a Virtual Candle" website with this free No DataBase needed PHP KISS principle Script. It enables you and your visitors to easily and quickly 'light virtual candles' in memory of a died person, to support a cause, they can light a candle for a prayer, for health, birthday, healing, birth, death, friendship, forgiveness or for praise of God's Glory. There is very simple Admin panel, but php scripts are not very difficult in this ...

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Groupon Clone Script,Groupon Deal Script PHP

Folks! Are you fed up in purchasing things at its retail price? PHP script malls offer you the GROUPON CLONE SCRIPT and you can be sure that you’re getting the best deal around, which is one of the hottest deal businesses going around the world. Based on the business abstract and ideology our script supports all the categories of products which you want to purchase. This script is also applicable for those who wish to do local business, nationa...

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XML and PHP script for your website

XML and PHP script for your website

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Google XML Sitemap Generator

Having website sitemap is good practice it helps search engines to index web pages. This tool allows to create XML sitemap of any website with ease. You just have to provide list of URLs of your web pages and it will generate sitemap of those URLs which you can submit in Google Webmasters tool as well.

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Cricinfo Live Cricket Score For Your Website

Cricinfo Live Cricket Score XML Feed Script Allow You to Show Live Cricket on Your Website Without Having Any Manual Updates From Your Side , The Php Script Will Automatically Show The Live Score Updates From Cricinfo Using The XML Feed Provided By Cricinfo Developers .

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Bargain Hunter

The script allows you to view your matches from your favorite websites. You can remove items from your list and know who have contacted.

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Job Hunter

Find your ideal job and manage your searches in one place. Works with Indeed, Craigslist, Monster, CareerBuilder, Simply Hired, Ebay classifieds and much more.

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Integrate Ccavenue Payment Gateway In Supersite 2 In PHP

Friends, as you all that now a days it is simple to make a e-commerce website and startselling online. To sell online we must need a payment gateway to receive payment for the required invoices, debitnotes, addfunds, etc. In view of that the best payment gateway is
ccavenue payment gateway as it offers zero setup fees plan and 100+ Banks for credit cards, debit cards, netbanking payments. The merchants who are enrolling in ccavenue are ea...

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This class can merge XML sources from strings, files or DOM objects.

It can take a XML document from a string, a file or a DOM object tree and merges with another XML document.

The resulting document can be searched using a XPath query string or returned as a string or a DOM object.

This class provides options to control whether the nodes with the same path or name are replaced or added sequentially.

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Aggregator Pro


Add, Edit and Remove unlimited Categories
Add, Edit and Remove unlimited Feed Sources
Add, Edit and Remove unlimited Tags
Add, Edit and Remove unlimited Content Pages
Add, Edit and Remove unlimited number of News or Youtube Videos manually
Grab items by feed source or youtube channel
Grab news or youtube videos by tags
Grab items Manually or U...

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Gold Price Live

Gold Price Live PHP Script

This script allows you to place the spot bid or ask price of gold, silver, platinum or palladium on your website. Perfect for Jewelry, Cash for Gold and pawn shop websites. Our script allows you to easily adjust the price the script outputs using simple mathematics. Our feed offers 100% uptime and we are here to support you 24/7.

Prices output are in real time and are never more than $0.02 ...

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Craigslist XML

If you want to build a craigslist program or app you need to pull data from Craigslist. This is the easiest way! Place this script on your PHP web server and develop your app or program and use XML to pull the data from the script.

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XML Logger

The script supports multidimensional arrays, nesting the array in the standard XML tree fashion.
Some great uses include: Error Logging, User Activity Logging, Login Tracking, and Stats collection.

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Sparql Query Builder

This class can be used to compose queries to XML RDF documents using SPARQL.

It can compose and generate queries for sending to a SPARQL end point that can extract semantic information from RDF documents.

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Feeds2MySQL is a PHP and MySQL script that will extract and save RSS and XML feeds to a MySQL database.

The script allows webmasters more freedom when it comes to displaying RSS and XML feeds on their website.

The script is easy to use as webmasters can add unlimited feeds, simply by clicking on a link.

Feeds2MySQL also support cron jobs in order to automate feed updates.

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Weather Forecast

WeatherForecast is a script that gets weather forecast information from google api using language and region parameters and shows the result with images and data. The output of the results can easily be modified by editing the showWeather method of the class.

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