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  • Random Image with Link

    This JavaScript allows you to generate a random image with link. It does require some customization so only experienced developers should use it. You will need to change link information, image information, and the number of images the script can dis...
  • Easy Random Quote Script

    Use this simple script to insert random quotes into your page. Simply set up the quotations as per the sample script, and insert the block of code in your page where you want the random quotes to appear. Any number of quotes may be used. Very easy in...
  • Random Image Selector

    This simple script shows how to use JavaScript to randomly select an image from a pre-defined set of images.
  • Random Motivational Quotes

    This script displays a random motivational quote on your site, out of 30. The quotes are contained inside a separate JavaScript file, making any updates to the quotes instantly reflected on all pages that contains the quote script. Lift the spirits o...
  • Super Random Quotes

    This is a JavaScript that allows you to display a random quote out of a super-sized collection of 160 messages.
  • FREE - Popup Images Slideshow

    A very simple and powerfull Popup Images Slideshow javascript !!!! This script generate a slideshow of pictures in auto-resized popup. Fully Customizable !!
  • Everything Random!

    Ever wanted to display a random quote or image on your pages? Or perhaps you've got some links to other sites, and you want to put a random one on a page. Well this tutorial will explain how to do all these.
  • Random Text Ad

    With this java script you can put random text ad or rotate text links randomly. Just put your links in array and this script will do the rest.
  • Random title

    Script for interactive and dynamic websites. Every few seconds new title is diplayed. Freeware
  • AdSenseImages

    Multiple your AdSense CTR show images near AdSense ads. This JavaScript comes with 45 catchy images and instructions how to add even more. Different images are shown on each page reload. Images can be shown above or bellow 728 width text banner. The ...