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You find all the XML resources, tutorials your looking for at Hot Scripts today. XML is an open standard for structuring information. It is a W3C-recommended general-purpose markup used for describing many different kinds of data. XML stands for Extensible Markup Language.

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  • Xtensible Shopping Bag

    Xtensible Shopping Bag (XSB), which besides storing standard properties (product id, product name, price, quantity) allows you to add as many custom properties as you like. In addition, it contains more high-tech: internally, it is based on XML - the...
  • XMLNuke

    XMLNuke is Web Development Framework fully based on XML. Programming with XMLNuke Framework you create your website based on your data (XML) moving the design and the operational system to a second layer. To aid in this work the XMLNuke provides sev...
  • XML Survey

    XML Survey is a Java Servlet that allows you to collect data from any html form and save it in xml-format. It runs using a text configuration file that can be saved anywhere on your server. Also XML file can be created anywhere on your server.
  • HPE

    HPE is a set of PHP scripts that collects updates from a collection of sites around the web and displays them in news boxes which can be organized on a number of pages. It uses MySQL to store data, and includes PHP3 functions that support formats rag...
  • PHP and XML: using expat functions

    This tutorial shows how to parse XML documents in PHP. It walks you through a fairly simple application of XML that you can use to implement a news system for your home page.
  • Daily Horoscopes API

    Horoscopes are among the most popular contents of the Web. Get sticky content feeds to attract large page views & returning loyal visitors EVERY DAY in your brand! No need to place backlink to source site. 100% white label. The text auto-updates itse...
  • Barcode Generator

    Barcode Generator is an advanced and smart tool to create list of professional barcodes. Barcode Generator enables you to generate linear barcodes with various most popular sybologies as UPC, EAN, Code 39, ISBN etc for various industries & products.
  • JS Merge XML

    This class can merge XML documents from strings, DOM objects or input files. It can take a XML document from a string or a DOM object tree, or a file taken from a form input and merges with another XML document. The resulting document can be se...
  • PrimeWire/1Channel/LetMeWatchThis Open XML

    The PrimeWire website in XML format! Make your own Primewire App! Just use your programming language of choice and parse the XML information in to your data fields.
  • Newgrounds XML

    Newgrounds in XML form. Make your own Newgrounds app! Just use your programming language of choice, grab the XML and parse the information in to your data fields.