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  • jChatBox

    jChatBox is a JSP Chat application (free for non-commercial sites). Server side is 100% JSP. Client side could be HTML/JavaScript, Applet or Flash. Moderator users can open and control multiples chatrooms. He/she can manage users (list, ban, kickoff)...
  • jzChat

    jzChat is an 100% HTML/JavaScript chatroom performed by a java servlet. Guest users just have to enter a nickname for chatting. They can choose chat's look&feel. Private messages are allowed. Root user chooses chatroom's name and subject. Root also c...
  • UploadServlet

    This servlet allows users to upload their files to your server. Uploaded file can also be emailed to the specified address.
  • Calendar Servlet

    This Java servlet implements Web-based calendar. You can use it as a standard calendar system, for booking some resources etc. Calendar also supports WAP/WML so you can use it even from you mobile phone.
  • ChatServlet

    It is a Java servlet implemented chat rooms. It is a pure HTML implementation, so this chat is free from any firewall's restrictions. Also this chat supports WAP/WML, so mobile users can join your chat's community.
  • Where to write a file in Tomcat 8 and Servlet /JSP on my Hard Disk ?

    Hi all, I want to write file. My query is that “In which path it should be created”. I have installed glassfish on my Linux 14.04 machine on this path: /opt/glassfish4 and created the file at: /opt/glassfish4/glassf...
  • JavaCupsShop

    JavaCupsShop is a Java eCommerce platform based purely on the JSF framework without any additional technologies like Spring or Hibernate. It requires minimal knowledge in Java to handle and extend your application. Easily customizable to match your...
  • Free Java-Ajax Poll/Voting System (JAVS). As applications module.

    Polling system - Voting system is very common in web sites. Voting can be about your site or blog or some other. Free Polling-Voting System is build, as module, with relational transactional PostgresSQL database back-end and jQuery scripting, han...
  • J2EE Tutorial for intermediate programmers

    This is an introductory tutorial for J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition). It is useful for those who have very little programming experience in any language and those programmers who have worked in Java programming language. However, knowledge in web d...
  • J2EE Web Application using NetBeans

    This lab will teach you how to setup a simple servlet and JSP application using NetBeans. You will also learn the structure of a Web application. Requirements for this exercise is to install JDK version 6.0 and NetBeans IDE 6.1.