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Awesome AJAX tutorials, development tools, applications and programming from Hot Scripts. Ajax is short for asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Ajax can enrich the web browser experience by using client side web development techniques. Hot Scripts offers a wide selection of Ajax Scripts, JavaScript and XML, XML HTTP Request scripts as well.

If you don't find the Ajax script your looking for try our Script Request forum for assistance in finding what your looking for.

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  • phpFreeChat

    php Free Chat is a free, simple to install, fast, customizable and multi languages chat that uses a simple filesystem for message and nickname storage. It uses AJAX to smoothly refresh (no flicker) and display the chat zone and the nickname zone. It ...
  • FileRun - World's Best File Manager

    Upload and download LARGE files and folders, regardless of the PHP configured limits! Manage and share files online using an intuitive Web interface. Drag and drop uploading, unlimited upload size, upload and download folders, progress bar, file vers...
  • jAlbum

    Want an easy way to make static HTML or Flash-based photo galleries? Try a free Java program called jAlbum. You can easily make online photo galleries with this program, or use it to make a photo gallery to put on a CD for friends and family. There i...
  • Claros Chat

    Claros Chat is a Web based instant messaging client which is capable of talking with a Jabber server. Claros Chat is well tested with Google Talk and it supports all major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Mozilla. It has a min...
  • Easy Grid

    This package can be used to display and data grids using AJAX. It uses Yahoo User interface library Javascript classes to perform AJAX requests. A Javascript script calls Yahoo UI libraries to load the data for the table from the server. ...
  • AJAX-PHP File Transfer Manager

    Ajax - PHP web application that can be used to transfer (copy) files and folders from one server to another with PHP FTP; also, it can rename and delete files and folders on both servers.
  • Track-Monitor Clicks on html

    Ajax script to monitor clicks on html elements, including links and advertisements that open another page. It can be used to track clicks on Google Adsense. This tool registers in MySQL database, with PHP various data of the clicked html element: t...
  • Buy Instagram Followers

    We provide high quality social media services to your business and gives you the chance to Promote your business easily.
  • buy twitter followers

    Which are the indications of worldwide recognition of individuals in this modern world? As expected, amount of followers toward the Twitter account can be described as firm indicator in at present. Thus this is useful to find fast twitter followers a...
  • ShopNx

    Single page web app (SPA) created using AngularJS, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB (MEAN) Fastest shop experience Fast Product Search, Filter with AJAX Price slider and multiple brand selector Faster Add to Cart and Product Details ...