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  • MyUploader

    MyUploader is a Java Applet for uploading multiple files to an ASP.NET, Perl/CGI, PHP, or Java web server via HTTP. The easy to use uploader has advanced features from drag and drop to folder upload. Even uploading files of 2 GB is possible. During f...
  • Community Video Chat

    FlashComs Community Video Chat is positioned to be the most innovative and feature-rich application among flash based solutions. It's truly robust yet lightweight chat solutions in line with the latest multimedia standards. Video/audio options as we...
  • ASP.NET Free Content Management Basic CMS

    Content management system built with and ms access. Simply copy the files into a folder and it's ready to run. The file manager can upload and delete images or other documents. Edit your pages on the fly with your web browser with document pr...
  • Cute Editor for .NET - ASP.NET HTML Editor

    (New Version 6.6!) Cute Editor for ASP.NET is by far the fastest, easiest, most powerful WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)browser-based HTML Editor for ASP.NET. It enables ASP.NET Web developers to replace your standard Textarea to a rich text...
  • gPhotoNet

    gPhotoNet is an ASP.NET based free photo gallery application. It's main advantage over other photo galleries is it's simplicity. Features

    - Automatic thumbnail creation
    - Easy installation
    - High quality thumbnails
  • MailBee.NET EWS Component

    MailBee.NET EWS is a lightweight .NET component which lets applications send, receive and otherwise process e-mail messages, contacts, appointments, work with folders, attachments, shared mailboxes on MS Exchange and Office 365 servers via Exchange W...
  • Responsive C# ASP.NET Blog Script

    A database driven blog system in C# with ASP.NET, Entity Framework and Transact-SQL. The blog script provides a responsive user interface with an admin section with CRUD functionality for blog posts, blog categories, blog comments, and user data. An ...
  • Rezene

    Rezene is a simple ASP.NET MVC application that will convert your public amazon bucket into a gallery in less than a minute.
  • Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension Improved Navigation

    Magento 2 Layered Navigation extension brings a list of filters to help your customers search and get the favourite products in the shortest way.

    - Search by product attributes
    - Multiselect Attributes
    - SEO-friendly URL<...
  • Magento 2 Quickbooks Integration Extension

    Magento 2 Quickbooks Integration Online extension automatically synchronize and update all accounting information from Magento 2 store to Quickbooks online

    - Auto-Sync Quickbooks Customer Accounts
    - Auto-Sync Quickbooks Sales Or...