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Mortgage calculators

This is a set of fully rebrandable mortgage calculators that could be integrated into your web site in minutes. Main features are: CSS design for rapid integration, amortization tables, full source code.

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CO2 Emissions Calculator

Global warming is linked to the amount of carbon and other greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere. Using our calculator you will be able to calculate online CO2 emissions for more than 9200 cars.

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.NET Live Fedex Ups Usps in, C-Sharp Complete source codes

Combinable Usps, Fedex & Ups, .NET version - COMPLETE SOURCE CODES written in VB.NET or (C-Sharp) C# with sample use aspx page and User Manual. Pull all rates and have the option to combine them altogether, automatically sorted by ascending shipcost. Turn each individual carrier on & off, make your own combination! Perfect for Ecommerce Websites that do live shipping calculations. It is also a very useful reference for doing XML processing. The complete source code shows how to post a valid XML into a remote server, receive the raw XML response and parse each node into useable data.

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