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GrabzIt ASP.NET Library

Use GrabzIt to programmatically take screenshots of websites, either as images, tables or PDF's, with this completely open source and free library. We have also provided easy to follow on-line tutorials and sample applications to help you set up GrabzIt as quickly as possible.

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RSS.NET is an open-source .NET class library for RSS feeds. It provides a reusable object model for parsing and writing RSS feeds. It is fully compatible with RSS versions 0.90, 0.91, 0.92, and 2.0.1, implementing all constructs.

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With our component WebMultiView you receive all necessary AJAX technology standard functions with what your users will work without reloading the page. So, the MultiView control is a container for a group of View controls. It allows you to define a group of ASP .NET AJAX View controls, where each View control contains child controls. Your application can render a specific View control to the client in accordance to such criteria as user identity, user preferences, and information passed in a query-string parameter. You can use the MultiView control to create wizards with ASP .NET AJAX technology too. In this scenario, each View control included in a MultiView control represents different step or page in the wizard. Also you should use this control to develop multiple-screen applications for mobile devices. This control provides the same functionality as the ASP.NET mobile Form control in .NET Framework version 1.1. Standard mode – like MS ASP .Net. Asynchronous request mode.

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The WebSplitter is an ASP.NET splitter control allowing you to subdivide sections of the Web page so that your users can resize or even collapse them. Simulating the intuitive splitter of user interface is found in many modern rich client applications, it gives your users greater splitter control over the layout of their workspace. This splitter control also helps to avoid HTML frames usage for information splitting in your applications for delivering compartmentalized sections of information. WebSplitter for ASP.NET is a split container control which allows creating interface layouts with resizable panels. It adds flexible layouts to ASP.NET applications including horizontal/vertical splits, resizable scrollable, collapsible and even ASP.NET AJAX panels, client-side interactivity, and much more. Main features: 1. Orientation - Orient your splitter bar horizontally or vertically. 2. Resizing Behavior - You can make the content pane resize in real time. 3. Content Panes.

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Contacts Importing Scripts in .NET

Contact Mines offers Contacts Importer Scripts in PHP, .NET and Java for Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, MSN, MySpace, Orkut and many more at very lowest rates.

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.NET Address Book Contacts Importer / Grabber

Boost your website with viral invitations ! Our award winning scripts imports from more than hundreds of domains of various webmail address books, coupled with award-winning support. *** Supports .NET 2.0/3.0/3.5. *** Uses webmail APIs where available -- List of support: Hotmail/, GMail, Yahoo, AOL, Lycos,, Rediffmail, Indiatimes, MobileMe (.Mac), FastMail, GMX,, IcqMail, LinkedIn,,,,,,,,,,, (WirtualnaPolska),,, Plaxo,,, Email.It,,,,, Outlook CSV, Outlook Express CSV, Thunderbird CSV, Thunderbird LDIF, Apple/vCard -- Also available: Support for social networks invite senders (Friendster, MySpace, Orkut, Facebook, Hi5, Xing, etc)

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.NET Import Yahoo Gmail Hotmail/MSN AOL address books

Import addresses and names from Yahoo, Gmail, MSN/Hotmail AOL address books from your ASP.NET or Windows applications. Works with international accounts for hotmail and yahoo (, and others). The contacts importer/address book grabber is offered at a very competitive price.

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Contacts Importer / Address Book Grabber

It can import contacts from,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and This contacts importer can be used in any .Net application.

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ClickGeoCode is a simple control that utilizes the free service at to pass a postal address and get the latitude and longitude. Full documentation is available for methods, properties and events.

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Web Page Info

Web Page Info component is designed to analyze web content and extracts all main items from any web page by the given URL. With Web Page Info you can get an access to the following items of any HTML page: keywords, descriptions, images, links, flash movies, frames and page titles. Web Page Info is a solution for “spider-similar” web or desktop software, which has to surf web sites and grab its content. Also this .NET component can be used for SEO to analyze keywords, titles and descriptions of your competitors. .

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