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ASC Guestbook

Customizable guestbook in ASP.NET 2.0. Available for free, mysql database is necessary. Possibility of modify and delete user posts.

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Price: Free

DigiOz .NET Guestbook

The Digioz .NET Guestbook is a Guestbook System written in ASP.NET 2.0, which uses Serialization to store messages as serialized XML text files. It supports multiple languages and smiley faces, as well as an administrative interface to remove unwanted messages.

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Asp .Net guestbook with XML backend

Simple Asp.Net guestbook with XML backend.Visitors can leave their name,location,web site address, email address (can be set public or only to be viewed by webmaster) and comments.

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Price: Free

ASPHut Guestbook

It's easy to set up just unzip and upload and you have a working guestbook with no complicated setup or editing of configuration files. Funky animated smilies that add emotion and expression to your visitors posts, they also have transparent backgrounds allowing you to change the background colour without problem. advanced filter system that allows replacement of any text; swear words, URLs, etc and allows you to choose a replacement word or *'s Features: * It's FREE * Easy to set up * Cool Smilies that your visitors will love * Admin Panel - remove or edit guestbook entries * Header and footer for easy integration into your existing website * Built in swear filter - add whatever words you like * Customize the colors

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Lu - Guestbook

A free web control for online guestbook (inherited from Datagrid). It stores data in a MS ACCESS file, allows other people to reply the post, supports the fully flexible design of layout and appearance by using template, and includes other features such as user input validation by Javascript, three modes of displaying Email address, administration functions.

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Guestbook v.1.0.3 is completed guestbook solution. People can add comments, see comments of others. Administration area for deleting unwanted comments and messages.

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Views: 2445

Price: USD 30.00