Cu3er – A free Flash 3D Image Slider

Image sliders have become very common on the homepage of many sites. They are visually appealing slideshow of images or text that can be used to highlight your sales graphics or featured posts with options for the user to navigate back and forth. This user interface pattern is pretty helpful when properly implemented to engage your visitor’s attention.

JavaScript libraries like jQuery or Prototype can be used to create image sliders, however working with JS codes can be daunting to some and visual transition effects are jerky and not smooth. Flash can be the ideal approach to implementing image sliders. There are several Flash components available however if you’re looking for a high quality and free component, then Cu3er is worth checking out.

Cu3er is a free Flash 3D image slider component. It has been conceived to create amazing 3D transition between slides. You can setup different transition effects for each slide and set their duration or delay. The different UI elements like next/back arrows and the pre-loader icon can be customized as well.

Cu3er is extremely easy to setup – images are loaded via an XML file, similar to what is shown below:

Cu3er loads your image via an XML file

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